Vincentian Gospel artiste believes he is answering God’s call
Gary Miller
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April 6, 2023

Vincentian Gospel artiste believes he is answering God’s call

Vincentian Gospel artiste, Gary Miller, believes that he is answering God’s call upon his life and is using his songs to reach people all over the world who he may not have been able to reach otherwise.

On Friday, March 31, the young and energetic Gospel artiste crossed a major milestone with the launch of his first album titled “My Everything”, at the Kingstown Methodist Church Hall.
The 26 year old singer/songwriter and Worship Minister said there are seven songs on the album.

“This album basically speaks about God being my everything, because of my past, where God has brought me from to this very day.”

In an interview with SEARCHLIGHT on Saturday, April 1, Miller said other local Gospel artistes are also featured on his debut album.

“On this album, I was able to feature three local Gospel artistes- Janell Alexander, she was featured in the song ‘Righteousness of God; Alyssa- Ann La Borde, featured on the song “Sweet Love”; and Fenton Harry, who was featured in the song “Strong in the Lord”.

Miller said the Album was produced by Andres Bascombe of Andres Music fame and is now available on all social media platforms. Copies are also available elsewhere for sale.

Life has not always been easy for the Vincentian rising star.

Miller spent most of his childhood and pre-teen years as a resident of the St Benedict Day Nursery and Children’s Home in Georgetown.

From there, he attended the Georgetown Government School and the St Martin’s Secondary School.

“I am not sure of the full background of all the reasons why I was left up there,” Miller noted.

He said he was told that his birth mother was unable to take care of him. He was placed in the home as a baby and spent most of his years there. He also lived briefly in a foster care facility before being returned to the Home in Georgetown.

He left the Home in August, 2009 at 12 years of age.

At that time, Miller was fortunate to have been adopted by Kingstown resident, Annette Martin-Kennedy.

She embraced him as her own son and took him to live with her.

Now, at age 26, Miller still resides with Martin-Kennedy, and he is eternally grateful for the positive intervention that she made in his life.

“I am 100% grateful to her up to this day,” he told SEARCHLIGHT.

After he began living in Kingstown, Miller related that he began attending the Open Bible Standard Church at Dasent Cottage with Martin-Kennedy.

“In 2011, I gave my heart to the Lord Jesus Christ. That’s when I became a full member of that church.

“In 2016, that’s when I realized that Jesus was calling me to be a Worship Minister.”

Being blessed with a melodious voice, Miller began to sing for the Lord. He is at present a Worship Minister at the Open Bible Standard Church.

Looking back over the years, Miller recalled there were times when he felt empty because there was no parental love in his life.

“I felt totally empty, there was that void that I needed to be filled at that time.

“But now I can truly say that I am happy. I have Jesus, I have a church family and I have a support system that loves and appreciates me.”

Miller said he knows his biological mother and only saw his father on the day of his funeral.

“I pledge to continue to be with my God while allowing the calling that he has on my life to be an instrument of change,” he affirmed.

He said his passion is for young people, and his wish is that youths would rise up and serve God.

“Now that I have my album out, I want to reach as many people as possible.”

By launching his first gospel album, Miller feels that he is definitely answering the call of God upon his life.

“It is actually a command. It’s a mandate It is actually our purpose as believers in Jesus Christ that we ought to go, whether we do it by preaching or by singing, or however.”

Miller is employed as a dental assistant/office clerk.

“I am a living testimony of God’s unconditional love. God took me out of a mess and made me into royalty.”

He said “many times people see the glory, but they don’t know the story”.