Concrete blocks made by Michael Jack (inset) in Georgetown
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November 18, 2022
Georgetown man ditches mechanic work for block making

A Georgetown resident is making a living for himself by making concrete blocks, instead of sitting around and waiting on handouts.

Block making is hard work, but for Michael Jack, a certified mechanic, it has become a way of life that is lifting him out of poverty.

There were times in the past when Jack was able to pay other persons to work along with him, but at present, he works alone, mixing the cement and making his blocks.

“Is over 30 years now I making blocks, I started off working with somebody, but from 2006, I went on my own,” the 53 year old told SEARCHLIGHT when we caught up with him in Georgetown on Tuesday, November 15.

Jack does all the work manually, gathering, sifting and mixing his raw materials; then he uses a hand mold to give the blocks the required thickness and shape.

For his raw materials, Jack uses sifted Rabacca sand, cement and water to create the finished product outside his home in Georgetown.

“I could make up to 150 blocks per day,” Jack said as he spoke to SEARCHLIGHT on Tuesday.

He explained that his work is seasonal, as there are times when there is very little demand for blocks.

Then there are other times when he has to work long hours to keep up with the demand.

Jack said at present, business is “a bit slow,” he however expects the demand for blocks to increase soon.

“Christmas is coming up, and people will be needing blocks to do little renovations and such around their homes”.

In anticipation of this, Jack already has a stack of blocks along the side of the road outside his home due to limited space for storage.

“I love to work and I love what I do.”

Jack said he is also a certified mechanic, but prefers to build blocks instead of fixing vehicles.

Jack makes concrete blocks in 4,6 and 8 inch dimensions, to meet the needs of his customers.

To the young men who are sitting idle, Jack is encouraging them to go and learn a skill.

“Take up a trade now, don’t wait until you get old.

“Make something of your life now.”