Gonsalves warns party  about dangers of disunity
Supporters of the Unity Labour Party in jubilant mood at the party’s 25th annual Convention last Sunday at the Campden Park Secondary School. (Photos by Lance Neverson)
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August 5, 2022
Gonsalves warns party about dangers of disunity

The political leader of the ruling Unity Labour Party (ULP) has warned supporters about the dangers of disunity within the party.

Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves gave the caution on Sunday, July 31 as he delivered the feature address at the ULP’s 25 th annual convention.

Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves interacts with two children at the Unity Labour Party’s 25th annual convention Sunday, July 31.

The convention, which was held under the theme “building our party; strengthening our nation,” was held at the Campden Park Secondary School.

As the ULP gears up for the general elections constitutionally due by 2025, Gonsalves, who turns 76 on August 8, told party faithful “when 2025 comes, or whenever before we go to the polls, we will have such an additional record of achievement, that the only way we can be defeated, is if we are not united.”

Outlining the objectives of membership of the ULP, the leader urged that members should follow the decisions of the party, until those decisions are changed.

“This is not a social club,” Gonsalves stated firmly. He also warned members about organizations that give away money under false pretense, but whose leadership is “dedicated to the overthrow of the ULP government.”

The Political leader advised that unsuspecting ULP members could easily be pulled into such schemes, only to find out that the main objective was to “highfall the ULP and put the NDP in power.”

“Watch out for it,” Gonsalves told he troops as be urged them to be on guard.

The ULP leader reminded members that as soon as they make certain comments on social media, “the next morning, you getting a telephone call, or a visit” to join a seemingly harmless organization.

However, this organization is said to be working in the interest of the opposition New Democratic Party (NDP).

“They do not like governments which stand up for sovereignty and independence,” Gonsalves added.

“Occasionally, you have one or two of them who leave us, renegades, traitors and castaways, pretending to be Good Samaritans.”

Gonsalves however cautioned that instead of taking the wounded person to an inn, these so called Good Samaritans will “take the rest money out of your pocket.”

“You can’t be part of the party and apart from it,” Gonsalves told members and delegates at last Sunday’s convention.

The ULP leader further outlined several criteria which are necessary to be selected as a ULP candidate in the next election, these include selflessness and the ability to build links with the people.

“Don’t just come and tell me that somebody is popular, because you could be a popular scamp,” Dr Gonsalves echoed.

He stated that over the past 28 years, the ULP has done remarkable things and “together, we will win a 6th consecutive general elections in 2025, or whenever the good Lord advises us.”

Stating that the ULP is the largest organization in the country said “we are the best organized political party, not only in this country, but in the region.”

“We have weaknesses, and this afternoon we can talk about some of them, and how we correct some of them.”

During the closed afternoon session of the Convention, delegates returned Gonsalves as political leader, Montgomery Daniel as deputy political leader, Edwin Snagg as Chairman and Curtis King as deputy Chair, all unopposed.

Sunday’s convention was the first to be held after a two-year absence due to the Covid 19 pandemic.