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Searchlight readers bring hope for Williams family

Searchlight readers bring hope for Williams family
A brand new stove with a full gas bottle and fittings was donated to the family by a reader of SEARCHLIGHT.

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Fire victims, Nirmal ‘Damion’ Williams and his three children are seeing happy days again, thanks to the generosity of SEARCHLIGHT readers who responded positively to the family’s cry for help.

Searchlight readers bring hope for Williams family
The Williams family is now more comfortable in their home, having received cash, furniture, appliances, clothes and books for the children.

The story in which the father pleaded for help was published on Friday June 3, 2022.

In that article, SEARCHLIGHT related Williams’s distress since the house in which he and the children lived, and all their material possessions were destroyed by fire on Sunday, February 27, 2022.

At the time of the fire, the father and three children lived in a rented house at South Rivers.

In the article earlier this month, Williams spoke of how hard life had become since the fire.

The family had moved from South Rivers to Fair Hall and were living in a rented, unfurnished house.

With nothing saved from the fire, life was becoming extremely difficult.

However, their lives have been transformed since the publication of their story earlier this month.

In an interview on Thursday June 16, Williams said “SEARCHLIGHT did a lot for me and the kids and we are very thankful, we had nothing and now we have almost everything.”

“We had no real help before and I was getting so frustrated, but thank God, our help has come.”

Readers of SEARCHLIGHT responded with a tremendous outpouring and show of concern for the family, giving them furniture, appliances, food items, clothing and financial contributions to enhance their quality of life.

“I get help from people home and even from people overseas,” Williams related.

“I got a 4-burner gas stove and a full tank of gas, with the gas fittings; two beds with mattresses, dining and living room sets, rugs, curtain, sheets, other clothing, plus wares and utensils,” Williams said with joy.

Searchlight readers bring hope for Williams family
The Williams children have returned to church and are much happier.

He was also promised a refrigerator and other items.

Additionally, the young father said that he has received more than $2,500 in cash donations from various persons.

“I am very happy and I just want to say a big thank you to everyone who helped us.

“The children are so happy now, they even got story books, and toys, and nice clothing and they have started going back to church.”

Williams is a tradesman by profession and he had complained that he was out of work, because all his tools were destroyed in the fire.

“By this weekend, I should be getting back some tools which were promised to me, so that by next week, I can go back out and start looking for work,” he said.

“Thanks to the kind donors, I was able to pay my rent and our life is back to normal.”

To the many persons who helped, Williams said: “thank you so much for putting us back on our feet.”

“I feel like I am seeing my way again and the children are smiling and playing again.”

Williams said he is overwhelmed by the generous outpouring of help and he just wants everyone to know how thankful he is.