7-year-old boy found dead in car
SEVEN-YEAR-OLD Lenny Lewis who was found dead in a car yesterday.
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May 20, 2022
7-year-old boy found dead in car

THE DECOMPOSING BODY of a 7-yearold boy was found in a vehicle yesterday afternoon on the road leading to the landfill at Diamond.

The young boy, who has since been identified by his mother, as Lenny Lewis was discovered by an employee at the Diamond Landfill.

According to police, the individual was passing the area sometime yesterday afternoon, when he got a whiff of a stench coming from the vehicle.

Upon investigation, the young man found young Lenny’s body in the closed car.

Police were subsequently called to the scene.

The boy’s mother, Anella Lewis arrived on the scene sometime later and was able to identify the decomposing body as her second to last child, whom she last saw on Monday, May 16.

“I didn’t feel good, I didn’t feel good about it,” Lewis, a mother of nine said as she sat on an old sofa on the side of the road, looking on as police cleared the scene.

The 33-year-old woman said Lenny is one of two children who live with her in Diamond and that she last saw him on Monday.

“He go away. I come down here by me cousin here to look for me son and she say she see my son and send um home,” the mother said, recalling what happened on Monday evening.

She also said that she looked for Lenny on Wednesday and Thursday morning, asking her cousin if she still hadn’t seen the 7-year-old.

“He does dey all over the place. He does dey by me Auntie, he does be all over the place. People does tek um and give um thing…sometimes he does sleep by me and sometimes he does sleep up ah me house up there, he alone,” Lewis said yesterday evening.

She explained that Lenny, who was in Grade one at the Stubbs Primary School, is also known to sleep at the homes of friends and sometimes on the bayside.

The mother of nine said her son last went to school on Monday and that she was also looking for him to send him to school on Tuesday but couldn’t find him.

When asked why she did not report her son missing to the police, Lewis did not give a clear answer, expect to say that Lenny “accustomed to come home”.

Lewis said that usually, if she doesn’t see him in the morning, she would see him in the evening as he was known for getting home as late as 8:00 p.m.

She added however, that she has been worried about her young son and if she did not find him by yesterday evening, she fully intended to report Lenny’s absence to the police.

The Diamond resident had just returned from Kingstown with a cousin, where she said she was “organising me daughter ah Family Court”, when she heard of the body that was found in the car on the road to the landfill.

Lewis said she kicked off her shoes and went down to see if the body found was in fact her son.

“As God, me confused. As God,” she told members of the media, as she looked on at the scene from the side of the road.

Up to press time, the circumstances surrounding the youngster’s death were unclear.

The police say they are carrying out investigations into the death.