Precious did not deserve to die as she did – Friends
Precious Williams
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May 17, 2022
Precious did not deserve to die as she did – Friends

Two young ladies who helped the police identify the decomposing body found in a bag last week have expressed that their friend 17-year-old Precious ‘P’ Williams did not deserve to die as she did.

Blue bag in which she was found

“She ain’t deserve it,” one of the young ladies said, “She tiny you know? She ain’t been want all that brutalism there. Cause she real tiny you know.”

An autopsy carried out yesterday May 16 on the human remains found in a blue plastic bag at Murray’s Road on May 12 has revealed that a cut to the throat contributed to death. Also appearing on the body were multiple other wounds that reflected injury by a sharp object.

In the same day as the autopsy was carried out the police were able to identify the body they had dubbed as ‘Jane Doe’.

On the morning of May 16 they released photos of tattoos on the deceased and the chain found with her. Friends were able to link Precious Williams to the tattoos and visited the police station to give them this information.

“Whole time we haven’t seen her online and it’s not something normal. She go always deh online posting and the last time I message she was around the 6th,” the older of the two friends disclosed.

The younger of the two noted, “the last time I talk to she been last week Tuesday about around ten something. And this morning now when I scrolling FB (Facebook) I see the police post up the description and the tattoo had been post up in it and then I remember now she had tattoo like them there so I screenshot it.”

The two friends came to the conclusion that it was indeed ‘P’.

“I been doing an exam and me done start to…I just hurry down the exam because I was so frightened, my heart start to beat, me been want cry all kinda ting,” the older of the two revealed.

They described their deceased friend, who grew up in Walvaroo, as joyful, and not troublesome as she was not one to speak to you unless you speak to her. She was unemployed at the time of her death, and a former student of the West St George Secondary School.

The young ladies had a love for parties and the last time they saw each other physically was at a party on April 30.

The friends also noted that ‘P’’s photos had been taken down from social media, including her display photo of her tattoo.

On the same afternoon that the friends visited the police station, Williams’ adoptive mother, Jillian ‘Ras’ Williams, was also at the police station, and appeared tearful. She was taken to the mortuary to identify Precious and she was able to do so, but was observed needing to be comforted outside as she was slumped over in apparent grief. She and her sister indicated they were not then in the frame of mind to speak about Precious’ passing.

Funeral arrangements must now be made for the teen who is also said to have left behind a boyfriend.