Young mother’s life is no stroll in the park
MARKETER GLASGOW on her usual Sunday hustle
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May 10, 2022
Young mother’s life is no stroll in the park

LIFE IS certainly no bed of roses for Marketer Glasgow.

The young mother of three works hard to provide for her children and to pay her bills.

Marketer Glasgow

Every Saturday and Sunday, this young woman walks the distance from Gorse to Park Hill and back pushing a baby stroller filled with snacks which have been prepared at her home in Gorse.

As she walks the approximately two mile distance, persons stop her along the way to purchase some of her sweet treats.

Glasgow makes fudge, sugarcake and toolum.

She also sells pre-packaged snacks and a variety of punches which she also makes at home. More recently, she has added pastry.

“I started selling about five years ago,”Glasgow told SEARCHLIGHT.

“I started by making fudge and then I began doing sugarcake.

“People wanted toolum also, but I did not know how to make it, I asked a lady and she showed me how to do it,” Glasgow related.

“The first time, I made toolum, they did not come out good, but I did not give up and now I can make them perfectly.”

The young mother begins her hustle sometimes leaving home around 10:00 a.m.

A CLIENT IS given a choice of drinks on one of Glasgow’s stops

She pushes the stroller along the main road until she gets to the junction at Colonaire, then turns right at this junction and continues her long walk to Park Hill.

She packs a little lunch to sustain her on the journey, which she takes whatever the weather.

Usually, she sits and takes some rest from the sun’s heat wherever there is shade along the journey.

She rests on a wall outside the old banana boxing plant at Belle Vue, popularly referred to as Central, a little over half way along her journey.

While resting, she eats and sells to persons passing in vehicles, or on foot.

“I does sit in Central for a good while and people does pass and buy things from me,” Glasgow told SEARCHLIGHT.

The young woman, who is originally from South Rivers said she only has a primary school education, but needed to find a way to support herself and her children.

Her eldest child is at the Community College, while the two younger ones are still in primary school.

“I bought this stroller to do this work,” she said, it makes the load lighter and the journey easier.

As she walks, she simply pushes her load.

At first, Glasgow did her selling only on Sunday’s.

However, for the past month, she has been walking the same route on Saturday’s also.

On Saturdays, she sells roti, tart, banana bread and other pastries.

“So far, things are going good, its hard work, but I am making an honest living,” she pointed out.

“You can’t just sit down and get stuff coming to you, you have to get up and do something.”

The young mother said she does not like the idea of asking people for help, hence the reason she has tried to make a living for herself.

“I want to get something in life for myself and my kids, so I have to keep moving.”