Survivor of collapsed rum factory wall needs help – Mother
This Facebook photo of Cameron Moore, who was seriously injured in the collapsed wall incident at St Vincent Distilleries Limited, was posted by his mother, Vacghel Moore, asking her Facebook friends to pray for him.
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February 11, 2022
Survivor of collapsed rum factory wall needs help – Mother

by Katherine Renton

Twenty-year-old Cameron Moore is the sole survivor of the wall collapse at the St Vincent Distillers Ltd on Monday, February 7 and is in need of blood as he continues with round the clock care on an expected long road to recovery. 

 The South Rivers resident has wounds all over his body, but the ones that are presenting the most challenge to him are his hip, which was moved out of place; a broken leg, and a large laceration above his eye that required stitches. 

“He need blood. His blood is very low, he is in a lot of pain,” his mother Vachael Moore disclosed yesterday, February 10. 
Because Cameron needs 24/7 care the mother has not been sleeping well. “I try to go and give (Cameron) blood and my body is so weak I couldn’t able to give him none,” she disclosed.  

 “…If anybody could come and donate blood for him I would be so grateful cause he really need it,” she appealed.

Her son has had one round of surgery on his hip and is required to have further surgery. 

“He had to put steel in his leg and everything like that so they just observing, they put the hip back in place and they just observing it,” Vachael revealed. 

The young man is constrained to his bed at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital (MCMH) while his hip heals. He requires help with all daily tasks. 

Although his mother now spends most of her time at the hospital she also has daughters and more sons to take care of. 

“I’m not working and it’s only me and his father,” Vachael noted. 

She spends her mornings, evenings and nighttimes at the hospital. 

In response to questions whether she has so far received any assistance Vachael said “The supervisor has come by and asked. All he said if I need any assistance I will let you know,” the mother recounted. 

She is wary about asking Cameron to relive the incident. 

“I don’t want him to remember nothing because all he doing is crying and his pressure was so high…because he mussi studying maybe he can’t walk again and all them stuff there and I keep telling him all he have to do is trust in God.”

 However, she noted, “They take real good care of him in Georgetown (at the hospital there immediately following the incident) and they taking good care of him down here.”

Cameron’s speech does not seem to have been affected significantly but his mother noted that he is not speaking in the manner that he is accustomed.