Taxi driver fined $1,200 for using  filthy language  to traffic cop
Jomo Rose
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November 12, 2021
Taxi driver fined $1,200 for using filthy language to traffic cop

A taxi driver of Richmond Hill, who cursed at a female traffic officer has been fined $1200.

Jomo Rose was charged with making use of indecent language, namely “Pitch your stinking mother c**t” to PC 173 Charles on November 6 at Halifax Street.

According to the evidence presented in court, the officer was on traffic duty along Halifax Street, dressed in her uniform, when she observed a traffic build up. Upon enquiring what was causing the buildup, she saw two vehicles parked at a “No Parking” zone around FLOW. She spoke to the first driver, and this driver complied. Driver number two, Rose, hearing the request, asked “Wey does do allyuh.” The policewoman replied, “Sir I just simply said you can’t stay here” and asked him what all the attitude was for. She again asked him to move the vehicle. As he was about to drive, he said the words mentioned in the charge.

Rose had no previous criminal record before the court.

The defendant contended that all of what was said in the facts presented wasn’t what happened. He claimed that the officer approached and tapped aggressively on his car when he was parked near Coreas Pharmacy. He admitting saying the words mentioned, but not to her particularly.

He was asked whether he was saying it to the air.

The prosecution noted that there is an issue with the public believing they can abuse police officers on duty. It was also noted that the defendant showed no remorse whatsoever.

The defendant insisted that the officer’s approach was wrong, and that she had spoken to him in a rough manner. His body language in court was angry and abrasive.

The prosecution asked him if his response was great, to which Rose admitted that it wasn’t.

Chief Magistrate Rechanne Browne told Rose that she observed his demeanour in court, and that he was hostile and aggressive when speaking about something that happened on November 6.

Browne also told Rose that he wants someone to give him something that he’s not giving to others, in that he wants the officer to speak to him properly, but he’s not speaking to others properly.

She fined him $1200 forthwith, with a default of three months in prison. She said that a custodial sentence was not imposed because he had entered a guilty plea.

Browne also noted that the officer is known to be professional in discharging her duties.

Rose paid the sum seemingly with the help of others, but he still remained angry.