Kingstown Preparatory School lad aims to be a professional chef
JOINT FIRST PLACE Richard James (centre) with parents, Sylvia and Rohan James.
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September 3, 2021
Kingstown Preparatory School lad aims to be a professional chef

One of this country’s top performers in the CPEA examinations has plans of becoming a professional chef in the future.

Richard James, a student of the Kingstown Preparatory School was one of two boys who returned stellar marks to place first for boys and first overall in this year’s examination with a total average of 96.8 per cent.

Richard also received the highest score nationally in Mathematics, recording an average of 98.67 per cent.

“I wasn’t really expecting this because Prep School started off at a disadvantage because a lot of the other schools had a term three for Grade 5, but we didn’t so I thought that was going to be a downfall for us and I thought another child from another school would place on top. But I was wrong and I tried my best to get to this point so I’m very happy,” he told SEARCHLIGHT moments after his graduation ceremony.

The son of Sylvia and Rohan James said preparing for the exams were a little difficult but that he had a healthy balance so he didn’t overwork himself.

His love for Mathematics comes from an interest in solving equations.

The youngster revealed that he has solved the Rubik’s cube “too many times than I can count”.

“Studying for Social Studies was difficult but for the exam, the one I had most difficulty with was Science because of some of the questions we weren’t doing in school so I just tried my best,” he said.

While hugging her son tightly, Sylvia James told SEARCHLIGHT she was proud of his latest accomplishment.

“He has always been a hard worker from the moment he entered Kingstown Preparatory School. He has consistently been performing at the top throughout all the grades, so we are just pleased for him to reap the benefits of the work he has put in because we’ve never had to force him to work but instilled in him the discipline that if you want to play, the work must be done first. So, he has been able to balance that quite well in knowing that if I get my work covered, then I have my free time to do what I want,” she said.

Richard has a passion for cooking and aspires to be a professional chef in the future and open a breakfast spot, where he can make his favourite foods for his customers.

He will attend the St Vincent Grammar School when the new academic year begins in October 2021.