Georgetown Government School boy says he expected top result
JOINT FIRST PLACE Isaiah Toney (left), with dad, Danville Toney
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September 3, 2021
Georgetown Government School boy says he expected top result

Committed, determined and disciplined are three adjectives that come to mind when Danville Toney thinks of his son, Isaiah Toney, who is one of this country’s top performers in the 2021 CPEA examinations.

The 11-year-old lad from the Georgetown Government School placed 1st for boys and 1st overall in this year’s examinations with a total average of 96.8 per cent.

He tied with Richard James of the Kingstown Preparatory School for the top position. 

“I feel good, happy,” Isaiah told SEARCHLIGHT yesterday when asked how he felt about his results. “I definitely knew I’d place at least first for boys, but the first overall was also a thought that came to mind. I considered it…”

In preparing for examinations, which took place in July this year, the North Union resident said he had to give up playing games and his smart devices in order to focus on preparing for the exams.

His preparations included practice with past papers and some books his older brother used for the Common Entrance examination in 2013.

He also attended extra afternoon classes with educator Paula Blake-Toney “so that was even more extra practice from what was being done in school”.

“I would say, if any of the exams had posed a difficulty to me, it would’ve been the Social Studies. I just found some of the questions hard,” Isaiah said.

He added with confidence that Science was his best subject and rightly so, as he is among two other students who received a perfect 100 per cent score for the subject.

He also hopes to follow the scientific route; his plans are for a career in the field of Astronomy.

“We are in fact very grateful to God for helping us through all of the challenges so we are happy, the family. Everybody who knows Isaiah knows he’s a very committed, hard worker and I think he’s just demonstrated what we know he can do so it was not really a surprise to us, his position,” Isaiah’s father, Danville Toney told SEARCHLIGHT.

The proud father said his son has been consistent “from the day he went to primary school”, having always returned exceptional grades.

Toney revealed that he, along with his wife, Inderia Toney, were extremely involved in their child’s academic development by assisting him when necessary and working along with teachers and the relevant stakeholders.

He also attributed Isaiah’s success to prayer.

“It was a team approach and most importantly, we believe that God had a hand in it because he said to delight yourself in the Lord and he will grant you the desires of your heart,” Toney said.

“We often pray and we believe that prayer changes things once you are faithful and depend on God, he will see you through. I believe that is important.”

Isaiah is looking forward to continuing his academic journey at the St Vincent Grammar School when the new school year begins.

And to students who will sit the exams in the future, the young scholar advises them to “stay focused and to understand what your goal is and then pursue it. Basically, work hard and you will get the reward.”