Biker sustains severe injuries in crash
Biker Ronnie Miller lying on a bed in the male surgical ward at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital (MCMH)
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June 18, 2021
Biker sustains severe injuries in crash

His kneecap shattered in one leg, both legs severely broken, as well as his left arm – biker Ronnie Miller is in pain all the time as his body continues to fight to recover from a motorbike crash.

Hagar Miller – mother of injured biker

On Sunday, June 13, the 27-year-old baker of Kingstown Park/Brighton was pictured in many videos as he lay in front of the entrance to the Calliaqua police station, feet away from his bike, surrounded by a small crowd. Some persons attended to his condition which looked very serious, while many others filmed.

Lying on a bed in the male surgical ward at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital (MCMH) on Wednesday June 16, and unable to move much of his body, the father of a five-month-old baby girl expressed that he is fading away as the days go by, and that the condition he is in isn’t looking good.

He remembers the accident itself, but not much of the aftermath. Miller recalled that he had been travelling from ‘country’.

When he reached about the area of the tyre shop in Calliaqua, he said, he could look across the road to see it clear.
He referred to two intersections on the right and one that leads to the Coast Guard base. “So as I look over the road I see there’s no vehicle in none of the intersection dey pon the right side, so I continue on my journey,” he recalled.
Before he reached the supermarket, he apparently changed to fourth gear, “…as I’m doing so, I saw this young person reversing on the main highway,” Miller said.

“…The car was already on my part of the road going down, so as I seeing that now, I turn, pull the bike right sided… but the speed the bike going with – it fly over under where the police station with sort of rapid speed that there was nothing to be done other than the bike was trying to fight itself to stable itself and it didn’t get enough space for do that,” Miller said.

“…Because of how the young man reversing on the highway, that was it for me. I didn’t move there, I didn’t turn until the medical professionals came to my aid,” he explained.

Miller wasn’t conscious and can’t remember anything, including how he got to the hospital.

“By that time I did done losing plenty blood, so I was in and out, in and out, in and out, in and out,” and in constant pain, the young man remembered. “It was like me in a small tub, swimming in blood.”

“It was just up to the doctors and the nurse to keep me alive, which they did. It’s well appreciated, but I fading away as the days go by so I need a lot of blood, I need blood. I lose a lot,” he noted.

As he was speaking, a medical professional came to his bedside and set up a bag of blood to flow into his arm.

On Sunday, he was taken for surgery on his leg and arm but his blood count was low, forcing them to abort and discontinue the surgery. Miller was scheduled for surgery again yesterday, June 17, but did not think his blood count would have rebuilt sufficiently to allow for this.

Miller, also known as “Youtube rider” has appealed for persons to come forward and donate blood. (see appeal on SEARCHLIGHT’S website).

The hospital operates on a replacement system, meaning that the patient is supposed to receive blood when needed, but persons are asked to come and donate blood to replace this.

Miller was wearing helmet at the time of the crash, and his head and spine were spared from damage, but the young man is feeling pain in both legs and his left arm, and his right arm is also swollen because it was badly beaten up.

Miller relayed that from what the doctors told him, “I know for sure I don’t have no kneecap” in the left leg, and he described that it is like when a glass bottle is dropped.

“…the steel and dem does dey holding my left leg,” he said, as well as his right leg, and the doctors apparently intend to do the same in his left arm when he does surgery.

The mattress at the hospital is like led, he explained, and he is doing his best for someone to get a mattress for him.

Miller appeared to be sweating, although fans were directed at him, and he explained that this was “me body fighting to stay up.”

One of the persons who had been filming videos after the accident, speaking with someone else on the scene, had commented that Miller had just recovered from another accident.

The avid biker since 2012 explained that was a similar situation, where he was in the centre lane of the road to overtake traffic on the left. However, someone was apparently pulling out of a gas station, and because the motorbike was in acceleration mode, he said by the time the driver heard his horn, the long vehicle was already taking up the road, “And then that was it, lights out. I didn’t remember nothing until like three to four days after.”