98,119 persons  registered to vote in SVG on November 5
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November 3, 2020
98,119 persons registered to vote in SVG on November 5

Exactly 98,119 persons are registered to vote in the General Elections, this Thursday, November 5.

This figure, which can be found on electoral.gov.vc, represents an increase in the final voters’ list of 8592, compared with the list of electors in 2015.

According to the data given on the Electoral Office website, the largest increase is recorded in the East St George constituency, where the list has grown by 847 persons.

The smallest increase was recorded in the Southern Grenadines, where there is only an additional 266 persons down to vote.

Central Kingstown has seen an increase of 665, while there are 512 and 588 more registered voters in West Kingstown and East Kingstown respectively.

In North Leeward, Central Leeward and South Leeward, the list has grown by 478, 643 and 801 respectively.

West St George has an increase of 679 voters, while Marriaqua and the Northern Grenadines have 588 and 360 more voters respectively.

In North Windward, some 592 more voters have the right to go to the poll while South Windward has registered an increase of 373.

North Central Windward and South Central Windward have 383 and 557 more voters respectively.

Voting on Thursday is scheduled to begin at 7 am and end at 5 pm for regular voters.

The decision was made last week that quarantined voters in the Day 6 to Day 14 period will be granted special medical officer orders that will allow them to vote at their respective polling stations between 5 and 5:30 pm.