Man fatally shot outside his Ottley Hall home
The Ottley Hall home of Kenny ‘Iman’ Boyde (right), where he was shot while entering his front gate with his girlfriend Shanel ‘Pimpim’ Jack (inset above), last Thursday night.
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April 17, 2020

Man fatally shot outside his Ottley Hall home

These days, persons in masks are assumed to be trying to protect themselves from the coronavirus, but that wasn’t the case with one individual at Ottley Hall last week.

Reports are that sometime around 7.30 pm on Thursday, April 9, a masked gunman shot and killed Kenny ‘Iman’ Boyde, a 49-year-old Ottley Hall resident who was walking through the gate of his property with his girlfriend Shanel ‘Pimpim’ Jack.

Shanel ‘Pimpim’ Jack

The following, Jack told SEARCHLIGHT that her boyfriend of nine months was shot just as he stepped over a piece of board that had been placed across his gateway.

She was directly behind him when she heard about three gunshots ring out.

“He come over still and hold on and say he get shoot then lie down in the porch,” Jack recalled, adding that the gunman shot her boyfriend from an elevated position.

She said she ran for a towel to stop the bleeding in his shoulder and placed a pillow under his head after which she raised up his shirt and saw another wound.

Jack said the police took her boyfriend to the hospital about 30 minutes after he was shot, as she could not gate a ride to move him despite vehicles being in the area.

She said over the period that they have been together, she is not aware of Boyde being in conflict with anyone except for a minor argument with his ex-wife a few weeks ago.

Jack said the death has left her feeling empty.

She cried throughout the entire interview.

It was revealed that Boyde and his ex-wife were embroiled in a property dispute that was being settled by the court.

On April 10, police questioned Boyde’s ex-wife and her son, but up to press time yesterday, April 16, no one had been charged in relation to the murder.

This is the second time that Boyde has been shot, as a gunman wounded him in his arm while he was at home lying on his bed a few months ago.

His killing is the ninth violent death in St Vincent and the Grenadines for 2020.