Trigger Ridge farmer shot dead on his birthday
THE AREA IN which Edward “Eddie” Alexis (inset) was killed while making his way home
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March 17, 2020

Trigger Ridge farmer shot dead on his birthday

TWO FRIENDS, shot and killed two years apart, both on their birthdays, in the community of Redemption Sharpes have left persons with many questions.

“I never expect this. He was not a troublesome person at all. Everybody saying he was so quiet, and they cannot believe,” Patricia Alexis, the mother of Edward “Eddie” Alexis told SEARCHLIGHT on Monday.

MOTHER OF THE deceased Patrica Alexis (right) with a family friend Ken Yearwood

Edward was shot and killed on Sunday, March 15 around 10’o clock while he was making his way to his Trigger Ridge home. Persons say they heard two shots and later found the 28-yearold farmer dead.

His mother said on Monday that her son was returning home after celebrating his birthday with his friends.

“I am very sad. I can’t feel happy because is my son,” the bereaved mother commented.

She said Edward was the youngest of four children and he had no children.

“I believe in the death penalty. The Bible tell you about it so I think they should bring back

the death penalty,” Patricia told SEARCHLIGHT.

Commenting on the latest shooting, Ken Yearwood said he was a longtime friend of the now deceased man.

“He is a good person. Never used to give his parents them trouble or the community trouble. I feeling sad, is a sad moment right now knowing we had to lose a loved one by the bullet,” said Yearwood.

He added that now is the time for the youths to think wisely and become more positive and constructive.

“Stop trying to defeat and destroy each other because there comes a time they will pay for that. I look forward to justice for the brother,” Yearwood commented.

Edward and Jaybarry Charles, who was shot and killed on his birthday on January 24, 2017, were friends.

Jaybarry was the second person killed in 2017. The Redemption Sharpes resident, 31, was celebrating his birthday with friends in the pavilion of his hometown playing field when he was shot sometime after 8 p.m.

It is alleged that four gunmen opened fire on the group, hitting five males, one of whom was Jaybarry. The men were all taken to the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital (MCMH) where he later died. The other men lived.

Some persons in the community say they are not sure if both killings are related but it does seem a bit strange that both friends died by the bullet on their birthdays.

Edward is the sixth person to die violently here this year.