Grandson main suspect in death of 94-year-old man
Alston “Sonny” John
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March 17, 2020

Grandson main suspect in death of 94-year-old man


JAMALA JOHN, A 21-yearold Collins Village man, suspected of killing his grandfather, has been detained by police.

Dead is 94-year-old Alston “Sonny” John.

The elderly man was found dead in the living room of his Collins Village home on Sunday March 15.

Garret “Icon” John, Alston’s grandson, told reporters on Monday that there was a disturbance at the house on Sunday and one of his uncles went to get the police, but when they returned his grandfather was found dead.

He said his brother was at home at the time of the incident, but he is not sure what happened.

“That is the best man ever dead dey. He never fight in he life. My grandmother use to have to fight for him all in school days and they use to trouble him for that,” Garrett commented while adding that his grandfather celebrated his 94th birthday last week Tuesday, March 3.

Garrett said he is not sure what type of injuries his grandfather sustained, and police were on Monday trying to put a time frame on the death, while awaiting the results of the autopsy.

“It had a situation that played out earlier in the day and the police were already involved, so whatever took place, my uncle went and got the police but from the time he got back he was dead,” Garret explained.

He said his brother Jamala has never been committed to the Mental Health Centre and while some persons are saying that Jamala has mental health issues, he is not sure about that.

Garret said his brother is like many youths in the area who hang out at bars smoking, drinking, playing football and other games and sometimes they get high, loud and rowdy and people may think that something is not right with them.

“People might say something wrong with them youth man. I can’t tell you if the man them crazy, I am not a psychiatrist.

Some people does act different when they under alcohol and under the influence of drugs. Some people might say you crazy, some people might say the man them having fun,” Garrett commented.

He said he has a rocky relationship with his brother as he wanted more than the block life for him.

Garret, whose eyes were red from crying said his grandfather was featured by NBC Radio in a 2019 independence nation builders programme.

“He build all the water tanks in St Vincent and the Grenadines so that would tell you the type of individual he was — hardworking, honest…” said Garret who added that his grandfather did not smoke and would only drink on special occasions.

“I vex. The situation vexing for me,” Garret stressed when asked how he felt about his brother being implicated in his grandfather’s death.

Alston is said to be the fifth person to die from a violent encounter this year.