Woman viciously chopped in Greiggs
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January 31, 2020

Woman viciously chopped in Greiggs

More than one person is currently assisting police with investigations into a chopping incident that took place sometime after 6 pm on Wednesday at Greiggs.

A senior police officer told SEARCHLIGHT Thursday that while there were persons assisting with the investigation, he could not disclose any names at this time.

A photo of a woman with chops about her forehead and in the region of one of her eyes, began making the rounds on social media on Wednesday evening.

“She cyah see outta de eye…de liquid out she eye ah run me ah tell yo,” an individual who appears to have witnessed the incident said in one of two voice recordings, which have also been circulating on social media.

In one of the recordings, the individual said that the chopping incident stemmed from the victim having exchanged words with two other girls last Saturday evening.

The female in the recording said that the two girls have been harassing the victim ever since.

“…Me ah tell yo the honest truth, [victim’s name] na trouble dem…,” the individual said.

She explained that the victim had intended to lodge a complaint in Biabou about the harassment she had been experiencing.

The individual said that a group of them, including the victim, were all sitting in an area in Greiggs on Wednesday evening when they saw the two attackers coming towards them with a cutlass.

“…ah one long cutlass me ah tell yo. [Victim] move and she stand up. [attacker 1] chuck she, she chuck back [attacker 1]. Da when [victim] start to handle [attacker 1] now and [attacker 2] jump on now…and start fu chop de gyel…she blind ahna…”

SEARCHLIGHT also obtained a screenshot of a Whatsapp conversation, where one of the alleged attackers sent a message to another person, saying “me now chop up d girl dey”.