Santa brings gifts, treats pre-schoolers
This pre-schooler gets a big hug from Santa Claus before receiving his gift as over 100 children were feted at a Christmas bashment at Government House last Saturday.
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December 13, 2019
Santa brings gifts, treats pre-schoolers

Santa’s elves worked hard to give over 100 pre-school children a massive Christmas party last Saturday, with festive music and food, and a special visit from gift-laden Santa Claus.

The Governor General Susan Dougan, the Rotary Club of St Vincent, the St Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) Children’s Welfare Fund, the Police Band, and the Girl Guides joined forces to bring the Christmas spirit to contingents from 25 schools.

The one o’clock bashment held at Government House saw the children, decked out in fancy outfits and hairdos being given complimentary snow cones, juice, cupcakes, and snacks.

The enthusiastic children sang along to the carols played by the police band, and they formed a train behind red silk outfitted Kenneth “Vibrating Scakes” Alleyne who, with the help of his guitar, belted out some more tunes.

Pre-schoolers entertain the audience at Government House during a Christmas Party put on by the Rotary Club.

The star of the show, Santa Claus, descended with wrapped gifts exciting the children who ran to greet him as they spotted him in the distance.

After the distribution of presents by Santa, the last gift the organizers set up for the revellers was a bouncing castle.

In the assessment of two three-year-old girls who attended the party is any indication, the event was a success.

An outgoing Jada commented “I’m feeling good,” and stated that “I’ll like it (Christmas) every day,” as well as Santa every day, because she likes getting presents.

Her companion Elliah Telesford, who was also among those young children who recited poems and sang songs for the audience, agreed that Christmas was nice, and that she was feeling good.

After contemplating, the young girl decided that she wished her gift from Santa was candy.

Before the party started, the Governor General admitted that she was worried that the weather would rain on the pre-schoolers parade.

However, “I know there’s Christ in Christmas, and I know the good Lord is always looking after the young ones. And look at the lovely afternoon we have, and to celebrate, and to have our Christmas party,” Dougan commented.

“You are a joy. You’re all so beautiful. You are the future of St Vincent and the Grenadines,” the Governor General said to the children, and commented that it was a pleasure to host them at Government House.

She assured them there will be more events for them in the future.

However, when it comes to the annual Christmas party, the groups of children are going to be rotated, she said, “So it’s not going to be one set of students coming all the time, because we have so many young ones in St Vincent and the Grenadines.”

Speaking on behalf of Reuben John, president of the Rotary Club, Joe Sheridan praised Government House as being a special place in SVG.

The Rotary club has been involved in annual Christmas party for nearly 25 years, Sheridan informed, and “It’s been one of the most excellent partnerships that we’ve ever come across.”

Besides the main sponsors of the event, Sheridan commented “There are so many donors who have given freely, everything from toys right down to garbage bags. All the things that we need to make a party like this happen, especially food and drinks.”

He too, on behalf of the Rotary, promised the continuation of the party in the future.

“The joy that you(the children) get from it, is the same joy that we get in service above self,” he ended.