Registered Nurse Agnes Fitzpatrick (left) testing the blood sugar level of a member of the public at the Health Fair
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August 13, 2019
Funeral home hosts health fair

The Mesopotamia-based “Memorial Funeral Home” held a health fair last Wednesday near the Russell’s Building in Stoney Grounds, where they are set to open their new office in a matter of days.

“Life is precious, and health is critical to that preciousness of life,” Asfo Stephens, Manager of the “Joseph DaSilva Senior Memorial Funeral Home”, or “Memorial Funeral Home”, stated while standing outside the tents last Wednesday morning.

Asfo Stephens, Manager of the
“Joseph DaSilva Senior Memorial Funeral Home”,or “Memorial Funeral Home”

“We feel that we should not only be concerned about people dying but rather how do we help to ensure that people live a little longer,” Stephens explained.

With the aid of nurses, retired nurses, a trained doctor, and a medical student, the manager disclosed that they were “targeting a number of areas…Hypertension, Diabetes, the scourge of AIDS.”

Their arsenal included blood pressure and sugar tests, counselling, offering of health pamphlets, and beverages.

The funeral home which has been open for about a year now, will be expanding their offices to room ten of the Russell’s building when the finishing touches are completed. The Home’s main base of activities will remain in Mesopotamia, but the office in Kingstown is designed to allow transactions and business to take place without persons going to Mesopotamia, Stephens says. There is a large television inside of the office for individuals to view the products on offer at the Mesopotamia hub.

Last Wednesday the Home also honoured two individuals who “contributed to the growth of St Vincent and the Grenadines,” the Manager stated.

These persons are Julian Jack, a former Chief Executive Officer of the Teachers Cooperative Credit Union(TCCU), and Winston Lyttle who worked at the St Vincent Electricity Services(VINLEC) for a number of years.


Registered Nurse (left) taking the blood pressure of a member of the public at the Health Fair hosted by the Joseph DaSilva Senior Memorial Funeral Home last week.

The men were given a plaque expressing the Home’s appreciation for their “invaluable” and “great” contributions. Jack was awarded for his contributions in the areas of education, cricket, and credit unionism. Lyttle was appreciated for his contributions to community development and nation building.

“It is usually said that, after a certain number of years you become obsolete. Well we do not want to project that sort of image, but to make him (Lyttle) feel honoured for the contribution he had made to St Vincent and the Grenadines,” Stephens commented.