Vincentian-born bodybuilder Garret Cyrus
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August 9, 2019
Garret Cyrus is cutting it big in Canada

Vincentian-born Garret Cyrus is making some waves in Canada, as his physique is taking him places.

Last weekend, at the Natural Pro Qualifier held at the Delta Hotel in Canada, Cyrus was first in class B of the men’s physique category.

When squared off with the others for the pro spot, Cyrus placed second.

Speaking to SEARCHLIGHT, Cyrus believes turning pro is not far away.

“This is my second year in competition and I plan to turn pro by my next show,” Cyrus projected.

Cyrus who hails from Prospect, noted that his entry into the bodybuilding, was one of a fairy tale.

“I began working out about ten years in St Vincent (and the Grenadines), as I was preparing for the British Navy, but I did not make it,” Cyrus explained.

He then moved to Canada, and having already been in the regimen of physical training, he continued.

“I used to work out, but never got into it seriously,” Cyrus said.

Working out every day when preparing for competition and five days per week when not, Cyrus disclosed that fitness is now “part of me”.

But Cyrus, who is 27 years old, is more than a competitor, he is also a fitness trainer.

“I love fitness, I decide and inspire others to live a fit life,” he told SEARCHLIGHT.

Cyrus is encouraging persons not to wallow in their failures, as they can be used as building blocks.

He therefore advised, “There is always some motivation and dedication… Think positively and never let anyone dissuade you from doing what you want to do”.

And, he is using his mantra for his future aspirations.

“My overall goal is to become better with my physique and bring out my own brand,” Cyrus proposed.

Already Cyrus has his GT (Great Transformation) brand earmarked.

He affirmed that was specifically chosen, as a personal testimony, for what he has done with his physique and his opportunities.