Elvis De Riggs
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June 4, 2019
ECGC appoints new CEO

The Eastern Caribbean Group of Companies (ECGC) has a new chief executive officer in the person of Elvis De Riggs.

De Riggs, who took office from May 1, replaces the outgoing CEO of 12 years, Osmond Davy.

“Today, I would like to introduce to you my successor, Mr Elvis DeRiggs who is the new CEO of ECGC. Mr DeRiggs has been with this company for over 35 years…He has worked his way through the organisation from a miller to a head miller then onto production manager and then onto the chief operating officer of the company,” Davy said at a press briefing yesterday.

The former CEO congratulated De Riggs on his achievement and said that he is quite capable of filling the position especially since he has a lot of experience in the milling industry and general management.

Davy also took the opportunity to thank everyone who has supported him throughout the years.

The outgoing CEO has taken up the new title of Senior Executive Advisor, whose role is to ensure the smooth transition for De Riggs into his role as the head of the company.

He has held this position since he demitted office on April 30 and will officially leave the company at the end of June when his two-month advisory role to the CEO expires.

De Riggs, who spoke briefly with SEARCHLIGHT, said that he has yet to deal with anything taxing in his new role.

“I’ve been here a long while, so I’m generally accustomed to what’s going on and so forth. I don’t see any problems going forward. We have a good team, which is important because it’s not about the CEO alone. We have some good managers, good workers, so once we have that strength below, it should be easy for us to continue from strength to strength,” he said.