Stubbs man wants justice for brother’s killing
Police officers on the scene where Veral James was found on Sunday morning at the back of his home.
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November 20, 2018
Stubbs man wants justice for brother’s killing

The hangman needs to show his face!

That is the view of Charles James of Stubbs.

The charred body of Veral James, Charles’ younger brother, was found on Sunday morning at the back of his home.

Police investigators said on Monday that the body had marks of violence and burns from the belly down to the feet which were consistent with a homicide.

The deceased lived alone and was last seen about 4 pm on Saturday November 17.

Police said a post-mortem examination will be conducted on the body to ascertain the cause of death.

On Sunday, Charles told SEARCHLIGHT that he is saddened by the way his 61-year-old brother died and when asked if he supported the death penalty he answered in the affirmative.

“Well yes, according to if them catch you because is an evil thing them do dey,” the distraught man commented.

He said his brother lived alone and worked in the garbage disposal business, as a security guard and also did odd jobs like cutting yards and construction.

Charles said he last saw his brother on Saturday and they hailed each other and went their separate ways. He said his brother drank but did not interfere with people and that he has no idea why someone would want to kill him.

This is Veral James’ home where was found dead on Sunday morning at the back of the property.

“…He only drinking he rum and ah get on with he stupidness. This is very dangerous. It nah look good to me, is a very sad thing,” Charles stressed while adding that if the persons or person who killed his brother is / are caught, he is depending on the justice system for closure.

“I can’t do nothing to them, but I would like to see justice,” Charles commented to SEARCHLIGHT while adding that he and his brother have nine other siblings and their mother lives in Trinidad, but their father is deceased.

On Sunday, police removed a jug containing what appeared to be gasoline from the murder scene along with two blocks that were found on Veral’s body, one on his head and one on his right arm.

The gas jug is said to be the property a contractor who is building a house in the area and who paid rent to Veral to store items on his property.

On Sunday, residents of the area expressed alarm about the way Veral met his death.

One woman who said she was the dead man’s cousin said she never knew Veral to be a troublesome person although he liked to drink and would at times become loud.

She said, “I don’t know who would want to do he that.”

Veral James was found on Sunday morning in this area at the back of his home with marks of violence on his body and burns from the belly down to the feet.

One of Veral’s close friends who wished to remain anonymous said Veral was a hard worker who is known to always have money on him.

He said that a few days before Veral was killed he had an argument with an individual from the area and Veral may have made a report to the police in relation to the disagreement.

Veral’s death is the 32nd homicide here for 2018.