Whatsapp Messages suggest Close Relationship between Commissioner and Constable
On Sunday, SEARCHLIGHT obtained 44 screenshots of Whatsapp messages between Commissioner John and the police constable, which demonstrate the existence of a close relationship.
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October 14, 2018
Whatsapp Messages suggest Close Relationship between Commissioner and Constable

The policewoman who has accused the Commissioner of Police of sexually assaulting her once participated in a relationship with him that spanned at least three months.
Last week, news broke that the police constable and her husband, who is a sergeant of police, had given Colin John, the acting police commissioner, seven days to respond to their allegations, after which they indicated that further steps would be taken. The Commissioner has strenuously denied these allegations.
On Sunday, SEARCHLIGHT obtained 44 screenshots of Whatsapp messages between Commissioner John and the police constable, which demonstrate the existence of a close relationship, with the earliest dated message being March 15, 2018 and the most recent, June 23.
SEARCHLIGHT publishes in this story, all the screenshots received and has not altered them except to conceal the name of the constable making the allegation against the Commissioner, as is the norm with people complaining of sexual assaults. We have also redacted the names of two other persons mentioned in the messages and portions of pornographic sketches sent by the constable to the Commissioner to make the images more suitable for publication.
We also acknowledge that some of the messages between the Commissioner and the constable could have been deleted before the screenshots were taken, and that only selected exchanges may have been screenshot, resulting in an incomplete picture of what transpired between them.
The messages in green are from the Commissioner, while, those in white, were sent by the constable.
In the exchanges, there is evidence of flirting and sexual bantering and occasions on which the two make plans to get together.
In a series of messages, which seem to have been written early in this year’s carnival season, the policewoman asks the Commissioner what he was doing that Thursday, as she was off that day. She however said she is not sure if “he,” presumably her husband, was working that day, and promised to get back to the Commissioner with that information. She asked where would he take her if they were to go somewhere on the Thursday in question.
“Can arrange a house,” the Commissioner, who is also married, responds.

And in one series of messages, she tells him she thinking about him, then sends a series of pornographic sketches of sexual positions, to indicate what she was thinking about.

After 30 minutes without a response, she says: “Ok u ignoring me.”
One hour later, he responds, asking her which is her favorite position. “Looking forward. Was in a meeting. Which is your favorite?”
“Ok sorry bout that. All. Have no favorite,” the policewoman responds.
In another message, she says, “Sometimes, I does wanna jump on u. Sounds weird eh. But it is true.”

At one point, after the policewoman indicates that she and her husband are in marriage counseling, the Commissioner says, “Well, let me not cause any complications.”
She responds, “But I will still need to talk to you whenever I need to.”
In another message, the woman laments not seeing him and hearing from him and he reminds her that she is in marriage counseling and he wants to allow them to work out their issues.
“Don’t want to contribute to it,” he says.

He however assures her that if things don’t work out with her husband, they may have a future together.
“If it doesn’t work, then we can see what happens down the road,” the Commissioner says.
“Ok, I understand what u are saying. Ok fair enough,” the policewoman says, to which the Commissioner responds, “We know how we feel about each other.”
She responds by sending him images of two red hearts, followed by “Yh.” She also says, “I wish I wasn’t married.”

In one message, the policewoman asked the Commissioner if a door by the stairway is normally open at night.
“I wanted to use it a night when u was up there. Sneak in on u,” she said.

At times, she mentions the declining state her marriage, being stressed, and the long hours her husband spends at work. She also suggests that he may have interest in someone else.

In relation to the allegation of sexual assault, SEARCHLIGHT has been unable to determine when and where the assault is alleged to have taken place and the nature of the assault.
Beyond the allegation of sexual assault, questions have also been raised about the appropriateness of the relationship between the two, given the power disparity between them, and the fact that they are both married.
On Sunday, when contacted by telephone, the Commissioner declined to comment. The policewoman also told SEARCHLIGHT that she did not wish to comment.