Witness shot and killed in Layou
Billy Adams,, Andy Quashie and Adolphus Foye back in 2012.
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July 28, 2018
Witness shot and killed in Layou

Billy Adams, 32, was shot dead at 8:35p.m, while liming with friends at his girlfriend’s shop in Layou.

According to police, the killer came from behind an embankment at the back of the shop. Police also say that Adams had what appeared to be a shotgun wound on the left side of his back.

A police source indicated that the deceased was a witness in an upcoming murder case. In October 2016, Adams was shot three times by Matthew Quashie. And on July 12, Quashie was sentenced to 20 years in prison, after unanimously being found guilty on four counts, including attempted murder, by a nine-member jury on June 30.

On Tuesday September 4, 2012, Adams, then 26, Adolphus Foye, 17, labourer and Andy Quashie, 26, farmer, were arrested and charged  for the Saturday September 1,2012 murder of 38-year-old Layou Fisherman Joseph “Evans” Lynch.

Lynch was gunned down in the street in the Central Leeward town around 1 p.m. Adams and Foye were later freed of the murder while Quashie is still imprisoned awaiting trial.

The scene where Adams was killed.