Two-year-old boy electrocuted
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July 17, 2018
Two-year-old boy electrocuted

A mother whose young son died recently is calling on parents to be careful with their children and always be on the lookout for danger.

Jaden Terel Baptiste died on Wednesday July 4 after being electrocuted at the home of his grandparents in Ottley Hall. He was two years old, having celebrated his birthday on March 21.
His mother Bennisha Baptiste said on the fateful day at around 12 noon, she received a call that all mothers dread.

“I was at school (she is a security guard at the Bethel High School) when someone called me and tell me my son was at the hospital and I must come,” recalled Baptiste to SEARCHLIGHT last Monday.

She said she checked with the principal of the school for permission to leave her job and when she arrived at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital (MCMH), everyone was crying.

Baptiste said she was then informed that her son had died after being shocked by a ground wire at the back of his grandparents’ house.

The grieving mother said that at the time of the incident, the child’s grandfather had left him at home with his blind grandmother and a 12-year-old cousin.

“I was told he walked to the back of the house and he got shocked,” explained Baptiste who added that when the 12-year-old saw Terel on the ground, he tried to pick him up and was also shocked and had to be admitted to the MCMH for observation.

She said neighbours tried to pick up Terel and were shocked and had to back off. Baptiste said someone eventually threw a piece of material on the child and Akeem “Tallman” Bess picked up him and he was rushed to the MCMH where he was pronounced dead.

Four days later, Tallman was shot to death at Lower Bay Street in Kingstown.

“I am telling parents to be careful with their children. Always look out for things that can shock and create danger,” said Baptiste whose only child will be laid to rest this Thursday.

Baptiste added that she is finding it hard to get over Terel’s death and on Monday when she heard his death announcement on radio she broke down in tears.

“I really miss him. He was a child who love to eat and play, and he was a nice child, everybody love him,” said the distraught mother.

Lara Carter, the child’s father said that he was very upset about what happened but refused to comment beyond that.

The child’s mother said that the police told her no foul play is suspected in Terel’s death.