The time has come to move from high sulphur diesel – Francis
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June 26, 2018
The time has come to move from high sulphur diesel – Francis

The call has been made for the price of low sulphur diesel, said to be a more environmentally friendly product, to be reviewed. This was one of a few requests made by the General Manager of SOL EC Ltd, at the ceremony to reopen the Banfield Service Station last Friday afternoon.

The General Manager used the platform to indicate the importance of reviewing the price of low sulphur diesel at the pump. “I would say though that the price of this product at the pumps, relative to high sulphur diesel, which is now sold at most service stations right now, needs to be reviewed to encourage greater consumption of diesel with lower sulphur content,” he stated.

“Lower sulphur diesel, which we sell to a niche market, or to niche customers, is a more environmentally friendly product, unlike high sulphur diesel, which as I said before is currently sold through all the service stations in this country,” he said.

“We are the only country in the SOL group that is still selling high sulphur diesel,” Francis informed, “in fact in the developing world, the move is now to no sulphur in diesel.”

Manager of the Banfield Service Station, Robert Banfield and General Manager of SOL EC Ltd, Steve Francis cutting the ribbon to mark the official re-opening of the Banfield Service Station

“We would therefore be engaging all stakeholders, retailers, government, car dealers, and environmental organizations, to work with us towards making that particular change.

I repeat, the time has come for us to move from high sulphur diesel, and go straight to low or ultra-low sulphur diesel,” he ended. Adding to this request, he asked that because of safety reasons, persons desist from using the station as a cut through to Paul’s Avenue.

“It is not a pathway to another location…this is a service station where flammable products are sold,” he stated. “Passenger vans should not refuel with passengers on board,” he said, while noting one such case in front of him.

“Has anyone here ever boarded an aircraft while it is being refuelled? I know the answer is no because you can’t do that,” he reiterated.

Parliamentary representative for Central Kingstown St Clair Leacock supported the call for the public to desist from using the service station as a short cut.

He asked for legislation regarding such matters to be considered. Responding to the traffic concerns, member of Parliament and area representative for Central Kingstown Major St Clair Leacock, stated firmly that, with regard to the vans driving through the pump islands, “it’s a problem with the increase of lawlessness!”

He said that anyone who does not “want to respect that this is a service station” should meet with the full arm of the law.