Burglar shot while trying to break Citi Life Bar
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June 15, 2018
Burglar shot while trying to break Citi Life Bar

Police officers forceably remove a man from the bathroom of a building where he was hiding. The alleged burglar had attempted to break into Citi Life Bar in Kingstown when he was shot by the owner.

He fled to a nearby building where he was discovered hiding in the bathroom. “End of this month will make one year since I am here and after that burglary I put in cameras. I keep saying, since the incident Tuesday morning, that this (the cameras) is a very good investment because after getting a hit like that last year, I couldn’t take another one,” said Abraham, who revealed that before the installation he slept in the bar.

He revealed that when the footage of this week’s incident was reviewed, the burglar was seen acting frantically and trying different means to get into the building. The front door of the establishment was damaged, and two windows at the back were broken. The burglar also removed a sink at the back of the building, which is protected by burglar bars.

Abraham revealed that after he shot the man, he went next door to call the police because his phone battery was dead. While he was gone, the man crawled away and hid in an outside bathroom to a building behind his bar. It took police about half hour to locate him, after which he was taken to the hospital.

“Invest in cameras and security because it is really hard to have your business broken into, especially a time like now when business slow for small businesses like these,” Abraham addeds.
He said while he does not believe in violence and killing, he does not feel guilty about shooting the burglar.

“At a time like that in the middle of the night they would take you out,” he said. “It’s you or them. The first guy I shot a few years ago had a shank and he would have stabbed me.”