Fisherman takes top prize after 17 years of competition
Fisherman of the Year Philroy Matthews (left) accepts his trophy from Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries Saboto Caesar
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May 29, 2018
Fisherman takes top prize after 17 years of competition

Fisherman of the Year Philroy Matthews says he is proud to have finally won the title, after competing for 17 years.

On the day of competition, Matthews brought in a catch of 928.4 lbs of fish, but according to the top fisherman, he usually catches much more fish than that.

Speaking at the Fisherman’s Day prize giving ceremony at the Kingstown Fisheries Complex on May 25, Matthews said over the years, he tends to find himself in the runner-up position.

“I accustom catch more fish than that, two of us, so once you meet the fish and the fish biting we go take that fish. I have a 25 foot … [called Obstinate] with a two stroke 25 Yamaha [engine]. I feel real proud of winning this time because most of the years, almost every time I compete, I coming second or third. It didn’t matter whether it was two weeks or one day; either second or third. It was only one time I got first for the one day and second for the two weeks event, that was the closest I ever came,” Matthews explained.

Jennifer Cruickshank-Howard, Chief Fisheries Officer said 56 boats were registered in the competition with a total of 165 fishermen participating. Twenty-seven boats returned with a total catch amounting to 9,533.35 lbs of fish, which was a significant increase from 2017 when 4,448 lbs of fish were caught on the day.

The Fisherman of the Year received a 75 Hp Yamaha engine, one trophy, 1 case of outboard oil and 1 case of Guinness.

The second heaviest catch was awarded to Michael Cordice, who brought in 865.4 lbs and received $2000, 1 compass, 1 case outboard oil, 3 life jackets, 1 sharpening stone, 1 hand held radio, 1 case Hairoun, 2 bottles of Vodka, 1 cell phone, 5 lures and a pack of Tuna hooks.

Third place was Cliff Young, with a catch of 495.5 lbs. He received: $1000, 1 case outboard oil, 3 life jackets, 2 bottle of Vodka, 1 pack of Tuna hooks, 3 lures, 1 utility knife, 1 jerry can and 1 case of Hairoun.

In the Junior competition, there was only one entry, Randolph Bradshaw, who brought in 21lbs of fish and he received $200, a trophy, three rolls of nylon, five Flow rags, two packs of hooks and one rain coat.

The female category saw five entries, with Victoria Browne copping first place for the heaviest catch with 28.25lbs. Second place went to Tavia Richards with 27.75 lbs and third place, Orla Matthews with 21 lbs.

In the rowboat category, the heaviest catch went to Benjamin Miller with 36.75 lbs; second place to Cornan Roberts with 31.27 lbs and third to Winston Butcher with 29.50 lbs.
The Beach Seine competition had 8 entries, with Eli Slater copping the heaviest catch at 5,247 lbs. Albert Neverson brought in the second heaviest catch at 3,621 lbs and Augustus Pierre placed third with a catch at 1,667 lbs.

No one entered the competition in Categories 3 and 4.

In Category 2 the Bradshaw family dominated, with Shan Lucas and Stanley Bradshaw winning the heaviest single fish at 13.6lbs. Stanley Bradshaw won the largest number of fish at 197 heads and Sohan Lucas won the heaviest catch at 202 lbs.

In the Hats Off to Fishing competition, Aedon DeFreitas of the Sugar Mill Academy placed first in the Lower Primary division. In the Upper Primary division, Amara Samuel of the Calliaqua Anglican School was first.

In the Lower Secondary School category, first place went to Isabelle Bollers from the St Joseph’s Convent Marriaqua.

Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries Saboto Caesar asked the fishermen to invest in long line vessels to be able to export more fish.

This was the 43rd anniversary of the Fisherman’s Day celebration with the theme ,’From Our Ridges into the High Seas, Our Nation We Feed’ and the slogan was ‘Cleaner Reef, Healthy Fish to Eat.’