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May 18, 2018
Woman’s arm severed while crowd looks on

A 20-year-old Petit Bordel resident who was attacked while holding a child in her arms is wondering why bystanders thought it better to videotape the incident than to help her.

Last Monday May 14, two video recordings of Teresha Edwards being attacked in her hometown were shared widely on Facebook.

In one of the recordings, Edwards is holding her one-year-old son with her left arm while using her right arm to fend off a woman who was trying to hit her on the head with a stone. As the two women wrestled, the incident was recorded by bystanders, but only one person seemed interested in helping.

The second video, recorded a few hours after the first, shows Edwards walking in the street, with a bath towel wrapped around her, while the woman who had the stone in the first video picks up a cutlass and runs towards her brandishing the weapon.

Edwards, on seeing the woman, grabs a stone and the two women begin to tussle.

The bath towel Edwards was wearing eventually falls off and the struggle continues.

Other persons intervene at one point and even manage to get the cutlass away from the woman.One woman tells the cutlass wielding woman to stop as she had already stabbed Edwards and at some point, the cutlass is returned to the woman, who swings it, chopping Edwards on her arm.Edwards was chopped so severely on her left arm that it was almost severed.

She was rushed to the health centre in Chateaubelair and later transferred to the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital (MCMC) where SEARCHLIGHT spoke to her on Tuesday.Edwards said the altercation was between her and her neighbour and occurred because of a minor argument last Sunday, May 13.The injured woman told SEARCHLIGHT that during the incident, apart from being severely chopped on her arm, she was bitten on her back, neck and fingers several times and stabbed with a knife and a toothbrush.

“I didn’t really want to fight the woman. When I coming back from river going home, I saw her by her gate, but I did not know the cutlass was by the side of her,” said Edwards.She said her sister managed to get the cutlass away from her attacker but returned it for some unknown reason and that was a bad idea.

“I was going home and saying alright she giving up now, but I did not know she chop me. I take my eye off her and then I feel my hand start to swing. The bone chop in half and the vein. Skin hold on my hand,” said Edwards.

The young woman said she proceeded home and eventually passed out. She was rushed to the health centre for medical attention by the wife of area representative Roland “Patel” Matthews.

Edwards, who was supposed to undergo an operation yesterday to properly reattach her arm said she is more concerned than anything else about not being able to take care of her two children.

Police detained Margaret “Old Girl” Smith in relation to the incident which occurred around 12:15 p.m.Edwards’s boyfriend Leeron Greene said he is the father of the child in the video and he is very upset about the incident and would like to see it dealt with in the right way.