Visiting throws coach pleased with charges’ progress
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January 23, 2018
Visiting throws coach pleased with charges’ progress

Grenadian throws specialist Paul Phillip, in evaluating his four-month stint here in St Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG), working with athletes in the javelin, shot putt and discus events, is pleased with the progress and interest of his charges, thus far.

While here, Phillip had done stints in Central Leeward, Georgetown, Sandy Bay, Kingstown and on Bequia.

Commenting on his success, Phillip told SEARCHLIGHT: “If you look at the throws, you would see a difference in the technical approach for all events… that is progress.”

But Phillip has singled out Jadley Bynoe of Bequia, who he feels has special talent in the javelin.

“He is the future of javelin here in St Vincent (and the Grenadines) … He has what it takes and given his first exposure, he is already doing in the mid 40s (metres),” Phillip stated.

Given his assessment of Bynoe, Phillip believes that the young man can be a candidate for this year’s Junior Carifta Games in The Bahamas.

He also fingered others, who, once they continue to stick to the throws, can move to be elite athletes in the not too distant future.

Phillip, who is part of a programme set up by Team Athletics SVG to identify and nurture talent on the throws, said that in the geographical areas covered over the period, he has spent one week in a locale, teaching one event, “to ensure that as many people are exposed.”

The Grenadian coach also stated that apart from the athletes, there are emerging coaches who have been trained to carry out the throws, after his tenure is complete.

“The programme was to develop a national coaching system….We have identified a few people; not as many we would like to have had…. When I leave, these people are competent enough to identify and develop them (throws athletes) to another level…. It may not be to the elite level, but higher than that existed previously,” Phillip said.

Phillip, who has been visiting SVG since 2014 on similar missions, is one of the Caribbean’s best throws coaches, producing multiple Junior Carifta Games champions from his native Grenada.

A veteran coach of 25 years, Phillip is an IAAF level three certified field coach.(RT)