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November 11, 2014
SVG’s murder toll for 2014 rises to 34

With roughly a month left to go before the end of the year, this country recorded its 32nd, 33rd, and 34th murders over the weekend.

Keon Lawrence, 38, businessman of Kingstown Park, Damien Blucher, 25, labourer of Glen, and Lawrence Marks, 48, of Yambou all died as a result of gunshot wounds on Saturday, November 8.{{more}}

With this recent spate of gun crimes, St Vincent and the Grenadines may surpass the record homicide toll of 37 set in 2007.

According to figures obtained from the Criminal Investigations Department (C.I.D), of the 34 homicides which have been classified as murders, 25 were gun related. The information further states that 19 of the recorded homicides were drug and gang related.

Thirty-one of the 34 murder victims were men.

Police have so far been able to make eight arrests in connection with these killings.

Of the homicides committed in 2007, 24 of the 37 cases were solved, police say. Twenty-two of those suspected of the crimes were arrested and charged, while two of the assailants committed suicide.(KW)