Minibus driver robbed, shot in leg
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August 30, 2013

Minibus driver robbed, shot in leg

A 36-year-old minibus driver of Vermont, who sustained a gunshot injury to his left leg during a robbery last Saturday night, is urging drivers to take precautions while on the road.{{more}}

“Van drivers need to be very careful on the road and safeguard themselves. Do not take nothing or anyone for granted when on duty, especially at nights,” Osborne “Yabba” Hewitt warned.

Speaking to SEARCHLIGHT from his bed at the male surgical ward of Milton Cato Memorial Hospital (MCMH) on Wednesday, the father of five explained that he was en route to Vermont, driving the van Scorpio (HD27) when the robbery occurred.

Hewitt said at around 9 p.m., as he approached the Bamboo Hole area, between Rillan Hill and Penniston, he saw two big stones and a drum in the road.

The driver of seven years experience said he had already driven past the objects but took other motorists into consideration.

“There are so many people in town and I know other vans would be heading back to town and other vehicles were on the road. So, to prevent any accidents, I decided to come out the van and take the drum out of the road.

“When I was lifting the drum, I heard a bodow, and I felt a sting on my left foot. I dropped the drum and when I looked up, I saw a guy standing over me with a long gun in his hands. There were two of them and I took the purse and pelt it after the other guy in self-defence. Then I held on to the guy with the gun and wrestled with him.

“When my foot began to pain me, then is when I realize I got shot.

“So, I pushed him and hopped my way to the van. That is when persons in the van came to my assistance,” Hewitt recalled.

According to Hewitt, the two masked men took off with the day’s earnings of over $300.

“I think, when and if these criminals are caught, the law should sink them in jail and don’t let them out,” the wounded man stated.

“This could have been worse, because my van was filled with passengers. The shot could have gone off and hit the glass and injured other persons in the van. And there were children in the van too,” he added.

Hewitt commended a male passenger who was in the van at the time, for taking the risk of driving the van to the police station.

“The guy can’t drive, but he took the steering wheel and drove the van to the station. I was lying on the conductor’s seat and instructing him along the way, as to when to change the gear and so on…,” he further disclosed.

On arrival at the station, Hewitt was transported to the MCMH. He underwent surgery on Sunday and was advised by the doctor to rest his leg.

Two of Hewitt’s children, Azeisha Browne and Osron Hewitt, were visiting their father during the time of our visit.

Up to press time, no one had been arrested in connection with the robbery.

Police say investigations are ongoing.(AA)