Girls’ High School student grabs 13 ones, with 11 distinctions
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August 16, 2013

Girls’ High School student grabs 13 ones, with 11 distinctions

Gaining 13 ones, with 11 distinctions was a surreal experience for Kaela Barrett.{{more}}

Despite her academic success throughout the years, the daughter of Karen and Eardley Barrett told SEARCHLIGHT that she was in shock when she heard that she had done so well at the 2013 Caribbean Examinations Council Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) examinations.

“I’m still a little shocked, but I’m very satisfied and pleased and very happy, content, everything,” said Barrett, who came first for girls and 2nd overall in the 2008 Common Entrance examinations.

“I expected to pass them all, but I must say, the 13 ones… was a bit of a shock. It just seemed like 13 ones was surreal,” she continued.

Barrett also attained straight A profiles in Mathematics, English Language, English Literature, Spanish, French, Information Technology, Physics, Principles of Accounts, Social Studies, Biology and EDPM.

The 15-year-old lass is the first student of the St Vincent Girls’ High School (GHS) to attempt 13 subjects at CSEC level.

She is grateful to her headmistress, Andrea Bowman, for believing in her.

“It feels like an honour that Mrs Bowman would have trusted me to do 13 subjects.

I feel like I would have made her proud, like I lived up to her expectations,” she said, appreciatively.

Maturity was a key ingredient in Barrett’s preparations for examinations.

“Over the years, I guess you mature. You adapt to the amount of school work that you have to do so it didn’t seem like a large load,” the confident teenager said.

“It just seemed like an extra effort to pass the test. So, it’s basically just preparing for the final test. It didn’t seem like too much of a heavy burden to prepare”.

In fact, the head girl and valedictorian for the GHS class of 2013, shared with SEARCHLIGHT, her secret to balancing school work with extra curricular activities and a social life.

“I honestly think everything is tied in with your conscience. You have an instinct where you know…your limit. You just need to learn…trust your instinct because you will know to yourself that you need to get this done for school,” Barrett said.

“Be focused. Extra curricular activities are important because they help you. They keep your mind channeled on a goal. They also help your brain to relax from academics and it makes you more disciplined. So just get to know your strategy. Instead of trying to follow other people’s strategy, get to know whichever way works best for you. Listen to your conscience rather than let outside things influence you and…you’ll be successful”.

Upon her entrance into GHS, Barrett became a member of the Girl Guides and was awarded with the Chief Commissioners Award at the end of her tenure as a Girl Guide. She is currently a Ranger.

Additionally, the Tae Kwon Do student did a stellar job of representing her alma mater in the 2011 Lions Club South LIME Secondary Schools’ Public Speaking competition, in which she was awarded second place.

For Barrett, the halls of GHS will always be a place where she, as well as her classmates, gained memorable moments in their lives.

“Going to the Girls’ High School over the five years, everyone has developed. Everyone has matured so nicely. Every form is a whole new perspective of things around us so the entire journey…is like a whole life changing journey,” she expressed.

The Georgetown resident hopes to pursue a career in engineering and will be studying Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics at the St Vincent Community College, Division of Arts, Sciences and General Studies, in the coming school year.

Additionally, she wishes to thank the many persons who has helped her throughout her academic journey.

“Thanks to God, my family, friends who helped me, for keeping me motivated, for keeping me on track,” Barrett said.

She is also grateful for the advice from her teachers, who have always inspired her.

“I couldn’t have done it without them,” she said, with a smile.