‘I’m really overjoyed’ – Lanesha John, first Miss Central Leeward
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May 28, 2013

‘I’m really overjoyed’ – Lanesha John, first Miss Central Leeward

While six beauties vied for the opportunity to be the first ever Miss Central Leeward, it was 15-year-old Lanesha John who wowed judges and spectators and walked away with the coveted title.{{more}}

“It feels really great to see that it’s the first Miss Central Leeward pageant,” the happy queen exclaimed. “I’m really overjoyed”.

Although she only won one of the judged categories, John, Miss Y De Lima St Vincent Ltd, did enough to secure victory on Friday at the Layou hard court. She produced a winning talent performance that consisted of a humorous monologue and a dance that had crowds cheering loudly for the aspiring accountant.

“I came up with everything on my own, with help from my mother, who told me what to put in and what to take out. I would like to thank her very much for that…at least my hard work paid off,” she told SEARCHLIGHT.

Miss Kid’s Plus Herbisha Gaymes gave John a run for her money, it seems, as she copped the first runner-up position.

Gaymes, who hopes to become a professional singer in the future, demonstrated her ability to think on her feet when she confidently answered her interview questions. So, it was no surprise when the 19-year-old was awarded with Best Interview.

Each contestant was asked two questions: one chosen randomly from a basket and another based on their biography.

Miss Kid’s Plus chose the question: “The Government of St Vincent and the Grenadines is currently constructing an international airport at Argyle. State two benefits this airport will bring to all Vincentians”.

Without hesitation, she answered “It will increase the revenue of the country because of the increased number of passengers [that] will arrive and spend foreign currency. Secondly, the tourism industry will be boosted in that the Government will enhance the tourism package because of the influence of foreigners; and this will spill over into different sectors, such as accommodation and entertainment”.

For the second question, Gaymes was asked, “In your autobiography, your interest in professional singing is rather great. Who is your favourite singer and why?”

Answering with a smile on her face, the first runner-up declared, “My favourite singer will be Whitney Houston because of the way she carries herself and the lyrics she puts in her songs. When she sings, she carries out her voice to everyone”.

Copping the second runner-up title, was Maurissa Cuffy who hails from Ruthland Vale, Layou. Sponsored by Marty’s Sports Bar, the tall beauty sashayed across the stage in her beautiful gown made by local designer, Lisa Cordice of Poshelle.

Entitled “Midnight Magic”, Cuffy’s black and gold fishtail dress, with an Egyptian styled collar and skin toned cutouts, earned her the Best Evening Wear title.

Best Swimwear went to Marsha Glasgow, Miss SOV Nightclub.

Other contestants were Vonetta Cupid, Miss Arthur’s Transport & Heavy Equipment Rentals Co Ltd and Porsha Lovelace, Miss Irvine Interior & Construction Inc.

This year marks the beginning of a new era as it relates to rural carnival activities, as the communities of Layou and Barrouallie in the Central Leeward constituency merged their activities into one carnival.

Carnival Development Corporation (CDC) representative Ezzie Roberts congratulated the organizers on putting together a quality show and encouraged the communities to share their ideas and views to make their activities better.

“I just want to mention the merging between Barrouallie and Layou Carnival making this Central Leeward Carnival. I want to encourage you, persons from both communities, to come together and work with the committees to ensure that carnival 2014 is even bigger and better,” Roberts said.

The Miss Central Leeward pageant was followed by J’Ouvert on the streets of Layou, in the wee hours of the morning. The street party took place in Barrouallie on Saturday afternoon, bringing the rural carnival activities to an end.(BK)