Man dies after being struck in head with hammer
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January 8, 2013
Man dies after being struck in head with hammer

St Vincent and the Grenadines yesterday recorded its first homicide for 2013, seven days into the New Year.{{more}}

Dead is 39-year-old labourer Kemmie Hackshaw of Glen, formerly of South Rivers.

Police say reports reaching them indicate that the deceased was involved in an altercation with another man and was struck in the head with a hammer.

And Hackshaw’s family is reeling in pain from his tragic demise.

His brother, Cliff Hackshaw, told SEARCHLIGHT yesterday that he was in his room watching TV when he heard a noise coming from the other bedroom.

“I know them accustomed to keep noise, so I took it for nothing. When I come out my room now, I saw my brother come outside and fall on the floor and I saw the man with the hammer in his hand,” Hackshaw recounted.

Hackshaw, who appeared tired, added that he attempted to take the hammer away from the man, but the man struck him two to three times over the head.

“I still in pain from the blows. I just want to sleep and rest myself right now,” he added.

Another brother, Dillex “Coolie” Hackshaw, said he was in his bedroom when he heard his stepfather (Cliff) call out and say, “Coolie, Coolie, come out and see way them boys ah do out dey.”

“When I come out now, I see my brother pon the ground covered in blood,” Hackshaw recounted.

Niece of the deceased, Zelliann Hackshaw, said that about two weeks ago, the alleged killer, whom other family members described as a family friend, was involved in an argument with the deceased.

She said the argument pertained to the man leaving the house.

SEARCHLIGHT was also told that the person said to be Hackshaw’s killer spent a lot of time at the house and even slept there.

Police said yesterday that a male resident of Glen is assisting their investigations.

A post mortem was yet to be conducted.

Meanwhile, Police are also investigating the discovery of the body of a newborn baby boy among garbage in Kingstown on Thursday.

The umbilical cord was still intact.