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August 24, 2012
Woman desperate to find her two missing children

Layou resident Rosmond Caine is pleading with anyone who knows the whereabouts of her children to inform the police.{{more}}

Caine told SEARCHLIGHT that the last time she saw two of her children, Raissa and Andre Cottle, was August 12, when their father took them, claiming that he was sending them on vacation overseas.

As tears rolled down her cheeks, she said since Raissa, 1 year, 8 months old and Andre, 3 years old, were taken by their father, Andre Cottle, she hasn’t been able to sleep.

The mother of seven said on August 7, Andre told her that his other daughters were coming from the United States to Petit Martinique to spend two weeks, and he was going to send the two children to Petit Martinique to spend time with them.

“So, I said okay and I get their clothes organized,” a distressed Caine, 36, told SEARCHLIGHT on Monday.

She said that on Sunday, August 12, the children’s father accompanied by another man, took the children, saying he was going to the airport.

He returned home late that night, she said.

“The Tuesday I say Andre, I want to speak to my children and he told me that the children had to settle themselves. So, I didn’t bother with that. So, the Wednesday now, I see him with the little boy shoes and he put them in a black bag.

“Then the Thursday morning, me and he was on the bed lying down, so the shoes run in me mind; so I say ‘Andre where is the little boy shoes?’

“He say, he throw them way. So, I say no you can’t throw way the child shoes.”

It was then Caine said she realized that something was wrong and decided to make a report to the police.

“So, I jump out de bed and head straight station, but the officer I went to was not there, so, I went back home and I took his American passport and seize it,” she said.

Caine explained that she again demanded to see her children, but again did not receive an answer from her children’s father.

The matter was eventually reported to the Layou Police Station Thursday night, after Caine claimed she surrendered herself, because police were searching for her concerning the passport she took from Andre.

“He must be carry me name station and when I came home the night, my other daughter told me police was looking for me. So I went and give up myself.

“So, the police ask me the reason why I took his passport, so, I tell the police what happen. The police ask him where are the children and he say they gone Martinique. I tell him call the children in front the police and he tell the police that they right now flying in the air.”

Caine said after getting no satisfaction, she decided to do her own investigations.

She said while Andre was in the shower, she checked his cell phone for his daughter’s contact information.

“When I call the daughter who still in America, she tell me that neither she nor her children ever went to Petit Martinique. So, by the time I run go to the police to tell them and return home, he done gone.”

Caine told SEARCHLIGHT that the children’s father had previously told her that he would soon be returning to the United States, where he is a resident, and taking the children with him.

“He ain’t leave St Vincent though, because most he documents still home in Layou,” the mother of seven said.

“I believe he somewhere in St Vincent, because I get a hint that he have relatives over in Mespo,” she added.

Advised by a friend in the police force, Caine said she was about to journey to Mesopotamia to make a report on Saturday morning when she saw the children’s father.

“When I was in the front of a Mespo van, he opened the door because he didn’t expect me, but when he see me he draw back. I shouted at he and say I want me children and by the time I turn to look for a police, he done gone in another van that mark on Richland Park and Mespo.”

That was the last time Caine claims she saw Andre.

At press time on Wednesday evening, Caine told SEARCHLIGHT that Andre had called her earlier that day, but when she asked about her children, he refused to answer.

“I told him the police looking for the children and he, but he say he don’t care,” she said.

“I just want my children back and if anybody see them or know them, ah begging please tell the police. Ah want me children because I can’t sleep at nights,” the mother said.

Police are currently investigating the matter. (AA)