Visually impaired Greathouse resident found dead under bed
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February 14, 2012
Visually impaired Greathouse resident found dead under bed

While one man is being questioned by police in relation to the stabbing death of 75-year-old Veronica Johnson Samuel, a blind woman, her daughter Marilyn Cadore is living in fear and thinking about migrating soon.{{more}}

As this country recorded its third homicide for the year, the Greathouse, Lowmans Leeward community was thrown into a state of shock and anger when Samuel’s lifeless, blood drenched body was dragged from under her bed, on Saturday, February 11.

SEARCHLIGHT understands that the deceased, who would have celebrated her 76 birthday today, sustained multiple stab wounds to her body.

In an interview, shortly after returning from church on Sunday, Cadore told SEARCHLIGHT she is still trying to come to grips with her mother’s death.

“I’m not feeling too well. Right now, I don’t think I can live in St Vincent anymore. I am just afraid for my life,” Cadore related.

Relating the events leading up to her mother’s death, Cadore said when she returned from Kingstown on Friday, she visited her mother who lives just next door.

“I tell her I feeling sick and I going make some bakes because I don’t feel like cooking… I carried some bakes and a glass of juice for her and she ate…,” said Cadore.

According to the distraught mother of one, her mother changed her clothes while she (Cadore) rested on her mother’s bed.

“She was standing by the window when I heard the voice of a young man come in the yard asking she for $5 that she promised him. She said she has money but she didn’t have any change and the man just stayed there…,” Cadore added.

She said she got up from the bed and asked her mother who wanted money. As soon as she asked the question, Cadore said the young man left the yard.

Cadore said she even complained to the neighbour about people coming into her mother’s yard without permission.

“They always coming and picking fruits and I does be afraid to tell them anything…,” Cadore related.

Later that evening, the grieving daughter said she heard her dog making strange sounds. However, when she went to investigate, she did not see the dog.

On Saturday morning, Cadore said she heard a woman calling out to her mother, but did not hear any response.

“Gailene (the visitor) tell me to come and see if something happen to Ms Johnson… My brother, who is dumb, kept knocking on the door, but we ain’t get no answer,” she related.

Cadore said her brother went to the back of the house, climbed through a window and “when I came around in the porch, I see he pull she from under the bed in a pool of blood,” Cadore added, as she clutched her Bible under her arm.

Admitting that she has a history of mental illness, Cadore said she is asking God to keep her on the right path, as she has to take care of her young daughter.

Neighbour and close family friend Leslyn Adams is also still in shock over Samuel’s brutal killing.

“Ms Johnson blind; she ain’t have money; what could she do somebody, eh,” Adams remarked.

According to Adams, she was preparing calaloo when she heard Cadore scream out.

“She say, Leslyn oyee, them kill mommy and when me run go over there, I see the mother (deceased) in front the door, dead.”

Adams said she saw several stab wounds about Samuel’s hands and back.

Describing the deceased, Adams said Samuel was a very kind person who helped many people.

“She used to be a kind woman and we used to talk and visit each other’s house before she went blind… We were still good friends all the time,” Adams added.

“I want justice for Ms Johnson; people too wicked!”

Adams’ husband, Russell is also reeling in shock over Samuel’s death. Sitting with his bowl of soup in front of him, Russell paused before saying how he felt about Samuel.

“I still can’t believe Ms Johnson gone. All time me drinking and can’t drunk because I thinking about Ms Johnson. Me ain’t know why they have to kill she. I can’t even catch myself,” Russell moaned.

A post-mortem examination will be carried out on the body to ascertain the official cause of death.