Two women stabbed in domestic incident
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February 7, 2012
Two women stabbed in domestic incident

Police are on the hunt for 38-year-old Derrick Shawn John of Gomea, after he allegedly inflicted multiple stab wounds on two women, including his girlfriend of 14 years, in the Brighton area last Saturday, February 4.{{more}}

According to Police, Keneisha Belgraves of Brighton and Claudine Simmons of Green Hill were admitted to the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital after they received multiple stab wounds about their bodies.

The incident occurred shortly after 9:00 pm on Saturday, Police said.

SEARCHLIGHT was reliably informed that John, Belgraves, Simmons and Belgraves’ two children were in a vehicle driven by Belgraves, on the way from a picnic at Owia with friends, when the incident occurred.

Carmillie Belgraves, mother of Keneisha, told SEARCHLIGHT that she was shocked and in a state of disbelief after she heard of the incident.

“The whole family is hurting,” she said, especially after they (the family) had done so much for the man accused of inflicting the wounds on her daughter, she explained.

SEARCHLIGHT understands that Keneisha received 18 stab wounds during the attack.

John and Keneisha had been living together for 4 years, and have two children together.

Belgraves told SEARCHLIGHT that they are being very careful now, as they are not sure if John would return.

Meanwhile, Juliana DeRoche, mother of the other victim in the attack, said that she received the news Sunday morning.

DeRoche, a resident of Canouan, said that her daughter was stabbed about the body and that one of her lungs had collapsed.

“I’m not sure what’s going to happen, we are still monitoring,” DeRoche told SEARCHLIGHT.

She said that she did not know much of what led up to the incident, but that her daughter, who resides at Green Hill had spent the day with Belgraves and John and was going to the home of the couple afterwards.

“I feel sad, I feel hurt – I not myself. I just trying to be strong,” the distraught woman said.

Belgraves was released from hospital yesterday afternoon; however, up to press time, Simmons remained hospitalized.

The matter is being investigated and the Police are asking persons who may have any information on the whereabouts of John to make a report. (DD)