EXCLUSIVE: Former lover admits to killing man found in pit
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September 16, 2011
EXCLUSIVE: Former lover admits to killing man found in pit

Less than 24 hours after the gruesome discovery of Anthony “Brassy” Nero’s decomposed body in a sewage hole at Redemption Sharpes, his former lover has come forward with a shocking admission.

She killed him!

In an exclusive interview with SEARCHLIGHT on Wednesday morning, Stefforn Williams described, in detail, the events, which, she said, led to the 51-year-old man’s death.

According to Williams, on August 23, 2011, she secured her home at Redemption Sharpes and went away. Upon her return later that day, Williams said she noticed the lock on her door had been tampered with.

“I see the door look different than how I leave it. So I say is probably the girl from below who went in and tek out she chicken, So I didn’t ask nothing,” Williams recalled.

Williams said she had just taken off her bra when Nero came from behind and attacked her.

“He was hiding in the house. The person (Nero) come and grip me from behind and lash me in me face and say:’Yo have de (her private part) dey and yo ain’t war gimme…’,” Williams said.

The woman, who trembled as she related her story, said she then engaged in a tussle with the deceased, during which she struck him with a piece of steel.

“I hit him by his neck and when ah done hit him, he drop pon de ground and ah choke him,” she said. Williams added that she continued choking Nero until she noticed he was not breathing anymore.

“I continue choking him, but me ain’t call out fo no help. When I see he not breathing, I tek him and throw him through the door behind, on some gravel…,” she continued.

Frightened, Williams said she did the unthinkable.

“I tek up a pick (pick axe) and pick up the sewage tank and throw him in dey. I cover back the tank and tek some cement and cover it back,” Williams explained.

Nero’s body was finally discovered on September 13, after residents in the area complained of a foul smell.

“I didn’t do it for purpose. It was a fight back thing. He was the one who was in my house. He coulda kill me the same way,” she stated.

Carrying her dark secret for close to a month, Williams said she has not even shared what she did with those closest to her.

“My children don’t even know what I did…Dem ain’t do nothing,” the mother of six said; two of Williams’ children were taken up for questioning by police on Tuesday.

Williams said on Tuesday afternoon, she received a telephone call, stating that they were “digging up the foundation and going down in de soakaway (sewerage hole)”.

“I been by my son and when I hear that, I start to tremble and I start to go in the bathroom and the kitchen fo no reason. Is like I been chipping (going crazy).”

However, the woman says her problems with Nero were deep-rooted.

The woman explained that their relationship went sour in November 2009, when she experienced immense trouble from him for purchasing cement he had told her not to.

According to Williams, on November 18, that same year, she went to the Old Montrose Police Station to file a report against Nero.

“I went to Montrose Police Station and the police came, picked him up and then they let him go after. From that, he always coming, fighting me,” she said.

She said in January 2010, she went to the police station to make another report after she claimed that Nero had thrown stones on her house roof, partially destroying it.

She said Nero promised to repair the damaged roof, but nothing was ever done. She noted that it was only when Hurricane Tomas struck in October 2010, and a breadfruit tree fell on the roof, that it was fixed.

“He tell the police he would not return to me house or harm me, but he still keep threatening me…,” she said.

Williams indicated that she made several complaints to Nero’s sister, whom she said is an Auxiliary Police officer.

“She tell me she fed up of him and that he is a big man,” Williams said.

According to Williams, she also complained to Nero’s mother, only to be told that she (the mother) was suffering from High Blood Pressure.

Another complaint was made to another of Nero’s sisters. “She tell me he miss me (referred to her private parts).”

Williams said there were numerous other occasions when the deceased would hide in a “blue van” and wait until she passed to attack her.

On August 12, 2011, Williams stated that she had to seek refuge in a man’s garage because Nero chased her with a cutlass.

“The man had to lock me in his garage. The police came, but they didn’t find him, but later in the day, they ketch him. He always used to beat me,” Williams explained.

She said he was released by police the following day.

On August 23, this year, Williams said her ordeal continued. She noted that while she was at the Cruise Ship Terminal in Kingstown, Nero came there and began harassing her.

“He said, Miss Williams, ah going (expletive) kill yo!”

The woman said police officers at the port ordered Nero to leave the compound and told her to stay there.

Upon leaving the Terminal, Williams said she went to the Central Police Station to make a report.

“I tell the police I was already here on August 12, and he asked if they didn’t lock him up and I said yes.”

Williams said she went upstairs where the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) is located and inquired about the matter. “When I go there, dem tell me the matter was pending…,” she said.

She further stated that Nero was convicted in the past for damaging her spectacles, valued at $1300.

According to Williams, when taken up by police, Nero would act as if he were drunk and the police would release him, every time.

“I don’t want to go to jail and leave my children behind, especially my 14-year-old…I sorry I did it,” Williams said.

After the interview, SEARCHLIGHT understands that Williams turned herself into the police.