Polo shirts, jeans for College students from September
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June 24, 2011

Polo shirts, jeans for College students from September

Come September this year, current and future students of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Community College can look forward to a number of new initiatives.{{more}}

From changes in the uniforms, to an increase in scholarship opportunities for students, as well as the development in infrastructure, the promise of an institution which will cater to as many academic and other areas as possible has been made by Dr. Joel Warrican, Director of the College.

Addressing the second amalgamated graduation of the Division of Arts, Sciences and General Studies, the Division of Technical and Vocational Education, the Division of Teacher Education, and the Division of Nursing Education this Tuesday, June 21, at the Victoria Park, Dr. Warrican indicated that the new school year will usher in changes which will present greater opportunities for the students and faculty.

During his report, the Director revealed that there will be changes in the attire of students in all Divisions: “Currently, the uniforms that students wear are associated separate institutions that once existed. We believe that the time is now right to create a new image that better represents the college as a unified body with four divisions….”.

“Thus from September, the student body of the College – both male and female students, will wear Polo or Oxford shirts with the College logo and blue jeans, according to specification.”

Warrican said that the faculty is fully aware that the attire worn by some students helps to identify them with the profession for which they are training, or a feature of professionalism, and as such, these departments will maintain their uniforms, but will wear the Polos / Oxfords and jeans to identify them as part of the college when specified by their departments.

Another new feature which is set to be implemented in September, is an Education Management Information System, which will be used to compile student data, and facilitate easy upgrading and retrieval of student records.

According to Warrican, training, appraisal and supervision for lecturers is also expected to continue, in order to bring the educators in harmony with global trends and provide a high quality of service to the students.

“At the College we are committed to helping our students to develop not only academically, but to well-rounded individuals with other interests and skills,” he added.

“To this end, come September, all students enrolled at the college will be required to participate in co-curricular and extra curricular activities for credit; this will be a requirement for graduation.”

“Students will have a variety of activities from which to choose – for example, debating, service clubs, performing arts and sports.”

He said that the College is in the process of acquiring a sports administrator who will oversee the organization of sporting events, liase with sporting entities and explore opportunities for development.

Other upcoming initiatives mentioned by the Director include the current construction work taking place, which, when completed, will produce state of the art Science, Computer and Language laboratories, lecture theatres, sporting facilities, student and faculty lounges and offices.

Warrican also touched on initiatives that have been implemented over the past two years, which include the extended hours, new academic programs, the upgrading of the college’s technology services among others.

“We have accomplished quite a lot during the past two years. We have seen many changes at the College and we have fulfilled our role of providing quality education for the citizens and residents of our country… and we anticipate more of the same in the near future.”