42-year-old Chauncey man killed near home
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April 5, 2011
42-year-old Chauncey man killed near home

Police are investigating the shooting death of 42-year-old Errol Horne of Chauncey, who succumbed to his injuries on Sunday, April 3.{{more}}

A Police report states that Horne was making his way to his home when the incident occurred, around 8:10 on Sunday night.

The authorities further reported that they met Horne lying on his back in a neighbour’s yard, with gunshot wounds to the shoulder, chest, head and leg.

Horne also received a chop wound to the back of the head, the police report stated.

A distraught Claurice Dallaway, mother of the deceased, said that she was already in her bed when she heard gunshots.

“Me bawl, me roll,” the grieving 61-year-old woman told SEARCHLIGHT yesterday.

“Me only son, dat ah me breadfruit tree. Who going ge me something now?” she said.

Dallaway said that this tragedy is the second that she has had to endure. In January 2000, her daughter, Julia Horne, was brutally killed by Julia’s former lover Bertie Boucher.

Dallaway described her son as easy-going and as a person who never made any trouble.

Other residents also agreed that Horne was not known to be a trouble maker or to have any previous problems with the law.

Horne’s death is the fourth gun-related incident and fifth murder overall to be committed so far this year. (DD)