Aircraft crash-lands on Union Island
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March 8, 2011
Aircraft crash-lands on Union Island

An aircraft registered as YV196T, which was travelling from Margarita Island, Venezuela, crash-landed at the Union Island Airport on Saturday, March 5.{{more}}

The plane was heading to Canouan, when the pilot mistook Union Island for the neighbouring island.

This was disclosed by Director of Airports, Corsel Robertson, yesterday afternoon, when contacted by SEARCHLIGHT.

Six passengers (four adults and two children) and two crew members were on board. Fortunately, no one was injured.

“We are very happy that it did not result in any injuries or fatalities, because when these things happen, the outcome can be so much different,” said Robertson.

Robertson said normally that type of high performance aircraft cannot land at Union Island, and as a result, the air traffic controller was surprised when he saw it approaching from the wrong end – which is over the sea.

The crash is being investigated by the Eastern Caribbean Civil Aviation Authority, with a team led by Chief Investigator Paul Delisle. They arrived in the state on Sunday, March 6.

Robertson said the pilot informed them that he had mistaken the Union Island Airport for Canouan’s.

She explained that Saturday’s crash was not the first time the Airport authority was facing such a problem, but it was the first time that a crash-landing had occurred.

Pilots frequently mistake their location between Canouan and Union Island airports and between Bequia and Union Island airports, Robertson disclosed.

Robertson said she appreciated the quick response of the emergency service and management of the Union Island Airport. (HN)