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April 9, 2010
Rough Rawacou waters notorious for taking lives

The Rawacou Beach has become notorious for claiming the lives of persons who venture into its raging waters.

Over the years, several persons have lost their lives tragically at that beach.{{more}}

Daphne Deane-deShong, an employee of LIME, formerly Cable & Wireless, became the latest victim on Easter Monday, while attempting to save the life of her niece, Summer Warrican, who was swept away by a wave while wading in the water.

On Sunday, February 8, 2008, the life of Whitfield ‘Copper’ George, who incidentally was Deane-deShong’s uncle, ended in tragic circumstances when he drowned at Rawacou while taking a swim.

His body was seen floating on the surface of the waters approximately 10 minutes after he went out of sight. The body of the Calder resident was retrieved from the waters and he was pronounced dead after efforts to revive him proved futile.

On Saturday, July 13, 2002, Troy Mayers, who had been residing in the United States, had gone to the beach with friends when he drowned in the Rawacou waters.

His mysterious drowning, which occurred seemingly unobserved and without the frenzied atmosphere associated with other drownings in the area, continues to baffle people up to this day.

Troy and his friends spent the Saturday afternoon having fun bathing in the Rawacou waters. However, he disappeared apparently unnoticed.

After he could not be located anywhere on the beach, his friends imagined the worst and reported the incident to his family.

On Sunday, October 1, 1995, a day of relaxation and fun at Rawacou ended in death with the drowning for four young people.

Collin James, formerly of Cane Garden, Bert Bailey, then an employee of Cable & Wireless, eight-year-old Tristan Woods of Belair, and 32-year-old Cheryl Bush, a medical student of Virginia, USA, all lost their lives.

Tragedy struck when the three adults risked and lost their lives to save that of Woods. (HN)