ULP brings out massive crowd for 9th anniversary
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April 1, 2010
ULP brings out massive crowd for 9th anniversary

Though in a celebratory mood as they marked the 9th anniversary of their party’s March 2001 elections victory, supporters of the Unity Labour Party (ULP) had a serious message for the powers that be – they are ready to go to the polls.{{more}}

In a visibly and audibly excited state, the thousands of supporters, most of whom were dressed in red, were vocal when asked by a number of the night’s speakers and performers if they were ready to give their party one more term in office.

With banners, flags and rags waving high and long, the masses gathered at Rabacca on the north eastern coast of St. Vincent were whipped into a frenzy regardless of who took to the stage; be it a performance from Demus, Vincy Soca Dans Luta, Fireman Hooper or Bomani, or a motivational and uplifting speech from newcomers Luke Browne and Saboto Caesar or seasoned veterans like area representative Montgomery Daniel and Education Minister Girlyn Miguel.

A special appearance by the contestants set to vie for the coveted title of Miss Unity Youth also set the stage for the keynote address by Prime Minister Gonsalves who seemed to have been feeding off the energy of his supporters.

The Prime Minister took party supporters through a journey which highlighted the major accomplishments of his government since they took power nine years ago.

The mention of the education revolution, low income and no income housing, university scholarships and, of course, the Rabacca Bridge, along with the mention of ongoing projects such as the Buccament Bay Hotel and Resort and the Argyle International Airport brought resounding cheers from the masses.

“This country has grown in respect over the last nine years. We have been making the governance of this country appear to be so simple, that even amidst the turmoil of the economic crisis, St. Vincent and the Grenadines and its people are not only holding our heads above the water but we are thriving.”

It would not have been a ULP event without Prime Minister Gonsalves taking jabs at the opposition New Democratic Party and its leadership, led by Arnhim Eustace.

“They not interested in our Caribbean civilization,” Dr. Gonsalves informed. “All they talk about is limitations; what we can’t do, but we say yes.”

“Arnhim, you getting beat worse than last time. I promise you that. Don’t trouble the giants of Labour; you will feel the pressure,” the Prime Minister warned.

With regard to the election date, without giving any clues, Dr. Gonsalves narrowed down the expected date to when the legalities surrounding the two new constituencies are finalized.

The elections are constitutionally due by March 28, 2011.

In the meantime, Gonsalves urged his supporters to continue to rally around the party when the time comes and continue to carry the party through to another term.

“We are celebrating nine years of excellent governance, and we are looking forward in the next term for another five years of even better governance because we would have laid the foundation.”