Two teenagers die, two others survive Arnos Vale wreck
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March 12, 2010
Two teenagers die, two others survive Arnos Vale wreck

Two families have been thrown into a state of mourning after a vehicular accident claimed the lives of Derald Thomas, 19, and Shaffique “Mia” Sutherland, 18, early last Saturday morning, March 6.{{more}}

Ronnique Sutherland, 23, and Calbert Shallow, 17, the other occupants of the vehicle, survived the deadly crash which took place a short distance from Warner Hill along the public road at Arnos Vale shortly after midnight.

According to reports reaching SEARCHLIGHT, the four occupants had left a function in Kingstown and were making their way home when the accident occurred.

The four were good friends and lived in close proximity to each other in the Fair Hall area. The accident occurred after the vehicle, which was driven by Thomas, came into contact with the sidewalk and overturned.

Thomas died on the spot. His injuries included a broken neck, cracked skull, broken left arm and his kidneys and lungs were damaged, while Shaffique Sutherland was pronounced dead on arrival at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital.

Dezarie Thomas, mother of Derald, described her first born as a well-mannered, jovial person. She added that he had dreams of enrolling in the Royal Navy, but was too young. He was an officer in the St Vincent and the Grenadines Coast Guard, having enlisted just one year and three months ago and at the time of his death, bore the rank of Able Seaman.

”I don’t know how I am going to take it, even though I have to accept it because we all have to die, but this was not the way I would have liked him to go,” the grieving woman told SEARCHLIGHT.

“He was my bread and butter – I am not afraid to say that,” Thomas said.

“I struggled with him in his early life,” she continued, as she spoke of a sum of money that was given to her by her son.

Similarly, June Sutherland, mother of Shaffique Sutherland broke down as she remembered the last interaction she had with her now deceased daughter last Friday.

“She was going round to catch her sister and I said, I love you and all yuh tek care of all yuh self,” Sutherland explained.

Shaffique, or Mia, as she was more commonly referred to, was just a few weeks shy of her 19th birthday.

The last of five children, Shaffique lived with her sister Ronnique.

“Mia was my hand and foot. If I say Mia I want you to do some laundry for me, she dey,” Sutherland told SEARCHLIGHT.

“Every time I think of Mia, I cry because I know she was always there for me when I need her.”

Sutherland said that she thanked God that at least one of her daughters survived the fatal mishap.

“Because if the two did go, it would have been hard for me.”

The two young people are expected to be laid to rest tomorrow, Saturday, March 13.