Woman loses hand in cutlass attack
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March 5, 2010
Woman loses hand in cutlass attack

Mary Browne’s stronghold on life was dealt a severe setback after losing one of her hands in a domestic dispute.{{more}}

The Vermont woman is, however, hopeful that things will work out for her as she contemplates her future. On February 23, Browne was the victim of a vicious cutlass attack at her home.

Relating her story to SEARCHLIGHT, Browne noted that she was outside her home washing a pot when her assailant viciously attacked her. “I been smelling a cologne scent, but me ain’t see nobody, so I started washing the pot faster to go inside,” she stated. Browne never made it to the house.

The mother of five recalled being chopped repeatedly about her body until her right hand was hanging by a piece of skin.

Browne also recounted being dragged on the ground while her attacker continued his onslaught. “I cry out for help but nobody ain’t even come help me,” she lamented. Browne also stated that her coldblooded attacker did not even say a word while administering the chops.

“When I come by the hospital, is only the piece of skin been keeping on me hand and I still feeling plenty pain in me other hand,” Browne stated. The visibly distraught woman also sustained chop wounds to the right side of her head.

The Vermont woman was rushed to the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital but doctors there unfortunately could not save what was left of her hand.

Browne chimed that it would now be even harder to get by since she is the sole breadwinner of the home. “My youngest child is nine years old and my oldest child unable and is at the Lewis Punnett Home,” she cried.

Browne, who farms for a living, mentioned that she has been struggling to make ends meet and that she does “little small jobs” when available just to get by. “When I go back home now all I going do is sit down because I also take care of my mother. I real stressed out now. I don’t know what to do,” Browne explained.

Police this week arrested and charged Neville Jobe of Vermont for wounding with intent. He was remanded until Monday for bail hearing.