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February 26, 2010
Prisoner walks out of court

Up to press time on Wednesday, police were still searching for Wilford Woodley, who escaped the custody of prison authorities last Friday at the High Court.{{more}}

Woodley, who has been on remand since late January on a robbery charge, is said to have casually walked out of the courthouse in Kingstown.

At the time, Woodley was attending a bail hearing in the High Court’s Chambers, but was denied bail. It is alleged that after his hearing was over, Woodley was carried back to courtroom to be seated with the other prisoners before they were escorted back to Her Majesty’s Prison.

SEARCHLIGHT understands that while Woodley was seated in the courtroom, he managed to slip past the eyes of security personnel and make it to the lawyers robing room, which is situated just at the back of the courtroom. It is also understood that Woodley made his smooth escape through a door in the room, which leads directly to the front of the courthouse.

Woodley, 24, a Welder of Richland Park and Green Hill, was on remand for allegedly committing a brazen midday robbery in Kingstown on January 26, 2010. It is alleged that Woodley snatched a woman’s purse and fled the scene. Reports claim that the assailant, armed with a gun, fired shots at the police while engaged in a chase.

He was later nabbed in the Sally Springs area, but the gun, allegedly used in the matter has not been recovered.

Two weeks ago at the Serious Offences Court, prisoner, Bradley Aqua, of Union Island, calmly walked out of the courtroom. Aqua had already made his way past the door and into the hallway. Luckily, a plain clothes officer recognized Aqua as being a prisoner and alerted uniformed officers. He was caught in the hallway of the building.

Meanwhile, head of the Criminal Investigations Department, Wilisford Caesar, said he considers Woodley to be armed and dangerous and has urged Vincentians to telephone the police if Woodley is spotted. Persons with information should call the Central Police Station at telephone number: 457-1211, Ext. 226. (KW)