Family calls for justice in stabbing death of ‘Buster’
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February 26, 2010
Family calls for justice in stabbing death of ‘Buster’

As 44-year-old Peter Raimie is laid to rest this Sunday, family members should find some solace in the fact that the person accused of causing his death has been arrested and charged.{{more}}

On Wednesday, February 24, Troumaca resident Garfield Codougan was charged with the stabbing death of Raimie, affectionately known as “Buster”, originally of Three Acres, Barrouallie.

The 50-year-old farmer is alleged to have stabbed Raimie multiple times on Saturday, February 20, in Troumaca, following an argument between the two men.

Relatives of Raimie, during their visit to SEARCHLIGHT this week, indicated that they are now seeking justice for his killing.

Pat Raimie, an elder sister of the deceased, indicated that the close knit family is shocked by his death.

“Everyone is sad. We don’t think he deserved the death he got,” she expressed.

Described as a non-violent person who would usually walk away from a confrontation, Pat related that the father of a seven-year-old daughter moved to north Leeward in search of work about three years ago.

At the time of his death, he was employed as a block maker in Troumaca.

Pat, employed on the Grenadine island of Mustique, said that her brother, who was the third of five siblings, was someone who was a dependable, family oriented individual.

“Every time I come up he would always visit me and greet me with a hug,” Pat recalled. “When I used to work on the mainland, he used to look after my children ‘til I got home. He was a good brother.”

This is not the first time that tragedy of this kind has affected the family.

According to Pat, their father Granville Richardson was robbed and killed in February 1983 on the reclamation site before the area was known as Little Tokyo.

She indicated that Richardson was relieved of a sum of money and murdered the night before he was to return to Barrouallie after conducting business in Kingstown.

He was said to be the same age as his son when he was killed.