Farmer found in Fancy mountains lying in pool of blood
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February 12, 2010

Farmer found in Fancy mountains lying in pool of blood

Up to press time on Wednesday, no official police report could be obtained pertaining to the death of a farmer of Fancy.{{more}}

Dead is 58-year-old Silas Roberts. Roberts died shortly after his son found him lying on the ground in the Fancy mountains, bleeding profusely from his hand shortly after 11 a.m. on Wednesday.

A visibly shaken Lemmuel Bowens tried composing himself before speaking to SEARCHLIGHT. Shaking his head and running his fingers through his hair, Bowens sat on the floor of the small house that his father used to store his farming equipment and wept openly.

Bowens, also a farmer, said that his father usually went to his farmlands early on mornings and would work until approximately 11am. Bowens said on his way to his father’s land, he met Roberts’ dog along the way. “When I see the dog, I ask it ‘Way yuh master dey?’” Bowens stated.

Bowens said that further along his journey, he heard someone breathing heavily. “I see somebody lying on dey back, so I run up fast and me see is me old man. I ask he way happen, but he couldn’t talk because he been ah fight fo breathe,” Bowens recounted.

Bowens said he noticed that there was a long trail of blood from his father’s land to the point where he was found. “I see him with a piece ah cloth ban up around he wrist and is like he sit down dey fo ketch he self from de bad feelings he been getting from the blood,” Bowens added.

A frightened Bowens ran for help, but by the time the police and medical personnel arrived on the scene, his father had taken his last breath.

Roberts’ wife of 25 years, Venetta Roberts could only manage to utter a few words on the loss of her husband. “I trying to take it easy right now, but it hard,” she chimed.