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January 29, 2010
Robbery suspect gives cops chase through Richmond Hill Hill

The Frenches area was host to much commotion on Tuesday, as a gun-toting assailant tried to escape from the police after a brazen midday robbery.{{more}}

Ann Murray was said to be walking along Back Street, Kingstown, at about 12 noon, when she was robbed by a young man who escaped with a sum of money.

A police source said the woman was walking on the street when she was pushed from behind.

The assailant used the Peace Memorial Hall route along the Richmond Hill main road to escape, but he was chased by a civilian, who was later joined by Station Sergeant Calvin Glasgow of the Traffic Department and other plain-clothes police officers in pursuit.

Reports claim the assailant, armed with a gun, fired shots at the police officers before boarding a minibus.

He exited the bus a short distance after, but was pursued by the police who cornered him at an abandoned property in the Sally Spring area.

The officers on the scene were joined by members of the Special Services Unit, the Criminal Investigation Department, and the Rapid Response Unit in an attempt to locate the firearm.

It is not clear whether the firearm was retrieved, but police are investigating the matter to see if there is a link to other recent robberies that took place in the same vicinity.

Wilford Woodley, a 24-year-old welder of Richland Park / Green Hill, was arrested and charged in connection with the incident.

He was expected to have appeared in court yesterday. (HN/KW)